Working five days

I have worked five days in a row, only evenings. I think I should have one day off work… but if they call me… I am not sure I have the guts to say no… putting my free day even more forward. I really should have one day off work, but if easy work comes by, I am sure I will take it on. Had two easy days in creme-dela-creme work place and before that stress-ala-stress. Feels good to have worked all these days really. Last week I worked more than full-time. This week I have had shorter shifts, less hours.
I did some errands for my other two employers today, paper work that I needed to do. Some of it is needed for a class I wanted to get admission to. I have done the paper work, so now I only wait and see. I also asked for a graded document, good to have. I have worked there some years now. I am the unemployed one, with three employers. Part-time-worker, full-time-student. Living my life. Studying, working three different jobs. Studying different subjects, in different schools(universities). Having many years of full-time credits… haha. En three degrees. Haha. For any use? No, not really, just my own exploration of life. I actually met someone who was the same… at work. It had somewhat less credits than me, many degrees and not to far away from me in my studies. Haha. It couldn’t stop studying, just like me. It was fun. The other workers today where student’s too. Yesterday I also worked with other student’s. It is fun, they are so cool to work with. They understand my humor. Haha. It is fun when people get your humor. Haha. Well. It is fun to work with such staff really, we are so odd in this line of work. But summer workers can be different and I like it.

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