Alcoholics in social media

There they are, the true alcholics, consuming alcohol in social media. Thinking they are cool. In fact they are not, they are just drug addicted, people who cannot stand being themselves. Alcohol makes you to someone else, a untrue version of a person, a bad being that is unreal.

I am talking about idols, musicians, actors and actresses, artists that cannot at times even create without consuming drugs. No wonder drug addicts die young, often to young. They get problems and eventually some die from problems caused by their drug problem. Strange that this is even out there in social media. On public display they consume alcohol.

Then there are artists that don’t let drugs show in social media, even if addicted. I don’t think that drugs should be allowed in social media. They make people more likely to turn into drugs, thinking it’s normal, even though it is abnormal. Drug addicts make bad decisions. Some make really bad decisions under the influence.

I have never been interested in drugs. I never will. I don’t like people that use drugs and show them in social media in a good manner, like it i something to strive for. They are sick, they make young people affected by them, even they might turn into drugs because of the artists in social media.

Artists shouldn’t show their drug addictions in social media. The law should forbid it.

Just take some artist’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Even the songs are about drugs… And you wonder why the world is upside down?

They are not worthy to be idols.

Follow the tags, see for yourself, this is what kids are projected to on Instagram. Good? :

Here is Avicii’s(Tim Berg, alias) song “Alcoholic”: