I wonder why it is called Sunday? Perhaps there is a dictionary that knows. Anyway, it is a Sunny Sunday here in Sweden, even though we have white and even grey clouds, but since they don’t cover up all of the sky, we see a clear blue sky as well as a shining bright sun in Stockholm today.

I haven’t been outdoors, however I have asked the kid go out and play. It was reluctant earlier this morning, when my partner wanted it to go out and play. Obviously didn’t listen, since I found the kid in its room still when I went looking. I just said: “Please, go out an play.”(Du kan gå och leka nu). The kid does mostly the things I ask, its different with the partner. The kid plays my partner, but not me and kids know these things. The kid doesn’t even ask to look at the surf screen, the computer or the TV when I rule the household. It knows that it is of no use. I give it to the kid when it has had god manners and such. If it nags, it doesn’t get anything it wants. I think this is very handy. Since then I reward the kid. I.e. it get to do all those things and go to the movies with me and so on, when it has had good behavior. I think this parenting style is better than the other, where the kid runs the household… and tries nagging, crying and grumpiness. I like when kids respect their parents.

I don’t think kids should be consumed with technology. I also think they should be outdoors as much as possible, especially nice days like these.

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