Sometimes things are obvious, like when I wrote Justin falls in the video and then two days later he falls on stadge. That was clear. But today the Star Trek star Anton Yelchin died, that was wierd, but not as clear. I wrote about cars and Antonius in a article once, and yesterday I talked about the fact I was a Trekkie and I like Star Trek to a guy that works in a store. Today a “Trekkie”-actor dies, wherest I have written a article containing the words car and Antonius. The actor was killed by his own car. Scary, but not as clear as the Bieber incident. Sometimes I get premonitions even more clearly, not in something I have written, just that I am projected to stuff all the time. I am not alone about this, my class mate has had premonitions very clearly about a war that then happened. The person just knew it couldn’t go on that trip, the premonition was so hard so the person cancelled the trip. Later on there was war. So perhaps we can see these patterns, so that clearly shows us that everything is connected somehow. The question is just how? Perhaps it could be counted in numbers, just as the series Numbers wants to portray their idea.


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