Treasure – poem

There are treasures in life,

those that you cherish,

those that you need,

those things that you need to heal,

those loving things of nature,

those beings of love,

I don’t need the shallow,

I don’t need the technologies,

I need love,

I need other beings around me,

I need nature,

I need to just be,

the human being, inside of me

totally free, from control,

boundaries and obligations,

to common world, where nobody is free,

I need to be in symbiosis,

to be true to the human being inside of me,

cored to the Earth,

long-lasting each day,

not this massconsumer of techology,

this parasite on Earth,

I need to be green,

I need to find a new you and me,

to reclaim humanity,

so we all may be free,

to be you and me

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