Neither – this or that – poem

Neither happy or unhappy

Neither satisfied or unsatisfied

Neither good or bad

Neither long or short

Neither giant or miniature

Neither old or young

Neither Swedish or Foreigner

Neither home or away

Neither silent or noisy

Neither rich or poor

Neither beautiful or ugly

Neither important or unimportant

Neither best or worst

Neither political or unpolitical

Neither religious or atheist

Neither environmentally long lasting or short lasting

Neither lazy or eager

Neither smart or stupid

Neither hated or loved

Neither wanted or unwanted

Neither employed or unemployed

Neither tired or alert

Neither hot or cold

Neither right or wrong

Neither sick or healthy

Neither the truth or the lie

Neither… whatever…

Many choices

always pairs with choices,

choices which none fit a choice

since the world isn’t black or white

we live in a grey world

Every situation needs to be evaluated

Just to understand the choices behind

You never know the choices given

Your past and the future all merge

You can only change the present

You are always a product of now

You are always a product of the present time

Therefore act in the present, but act for the future with lessons learned from the past

Written by Living Forum, copyright belongs to

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