Study day

I got a copy of the mail with comments to my essay. I think I am going to have a glimpse at those today and do the changes, so I can get that one to pass. I also asked my class mate, that has a doctor’s degree to have a look at the failed assignment. It has also done that assignment, but we have different subjects. Mine is in programming, but I hope it understands my solution on the topic, since the person happens to be a smart individual. I hope it has time to look at it and give me valuable input in time. It is however abroud, but it has gotten the file… so I hope I will be blessed with some comments soon enough.

Well. I am free today. I have been working three days this week. I am booked for some more days in June, but most of my booked days are in July. I need the money real bad and all I got is time on my hands right now. Time to work. I need to earn a living.

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