TV mast snapped

A 332 meter long TV mast (sender/radio tower) snapped outside Borås. 2oo meter broke down. Radio channel P4 has stopped functioning in the area. P4 is part of the Swedish signaling system in case of emergency. They are talking about sabotage, according to Expressen. Some people uploaded a visit in the TV mast a couple of days earlier on YouTube, according to the news.

In Expressen TV they say this kind of thing also happend in the middle of the 1980’s.

They think it could be sabotage, however they are investigating what has happend. It doesn’t feel alright. Are foreign intelligence trying out Swedish safety? Or is a militant organisation that doesn’t like TV and radio? Or was it just bad quality? Or to many people climbing it?

There is a YouTube-film with the young people exploring the mast. I think uploading this film was stupid. Foreign intelligence can have used it to see how to sabotage it. A few days later they then might have sabotaged it, after the film was uploaded. Of course the people in the film will be suspected… They can easily be identified from the film and their fingerprints seem to be all over the mast as well… I don’t think they sabotaged it, but they contributed to it being sabotaged or broken due to them climbing it.

Update 17/5:

According to Aftonbladet and 24 the police think that it was sabotage and a test of Swedish capability. I think so to, for reasons…that I don’t like.

According to SVT they unscrewed the bolts of the mast.

According to the blogger Cornucopia uniforms from Terracom where stolen a month ago.

Update 18/5:

Additional TV mast’s have been sabotaged according to media. In a debate article in SVD the writer gives hypotesis that it could be a criminal network, planning a heist, behind it, or foreign intelligence.


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