Seminar done

Seminar done. Feels great.

Well, I had only read 1/3 of what I was supposed to, but it turned out great actually. My class mates had chosen other chapters, so I got paired with a class mate that had read the same chapters as me. We got to make a transcript of the chapter and then lead the seminar question within our chapter. All the others had the same agenda. They also had to do that. So it turned out great, even though not prepared enough. I didn’t have time to read it all. All the other days went by since I had a terrible head ace. I couldn’t study, but I did go to all lectures and seminars anyways. I am travelling soon, to the other university. I have to do stuff for that one. I haven’t done a thing. I know what my weekend will be all about. Studying. Terrific. I have no choice.

My only free day next week goes to… travelling to my old town (not home town). I have promised to help my friend and their company with some stuff. I am going there as educational support within my old area of work. I promised… so I will do it. But this means I have no other free days to write the reports… and then a essay… that I haven’t even started yet. Oh mine… what shit. But the essay I can do next weekend.


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