Good that someone speaks up

We had some problems with vandals in “Västerort” for a while now. When I have worked in Tensta, I haven’t wanted to leave my car there, just because of the vandals. I am not found of people settings fire to other people’s property. I am a consultant, I am everywhere over town, from rich neighbourhoods to poor neighbourhoods. I usually go by car. But I don’t want to leave my car in bad neighbourhoods, especially Tensta. In today’s DN we could read an article about a man that thinks we should punish the 15-18 year old criminals that throw rocks on the police in Rinkeby, when they come to assist. Now they go on without any punishment, which means they are creating a menace for the neighbourhood, the article says.

I think the kids doing these things should be punished, I don’t want this type of behavior. But I don’t know what the right way is. I think the kids are somehow a product of society. Society failed and now they are menaces. How can we unfail them? That is the real question. I wonder if punishment is the solution. I think they need to get away from the bad and learn the good. Be educated, see the world from another perspective. Have someone that gives them hope and other tools. How to do that… I don’t know. Talk to the youth. Ask them what their problem is. Ask them why they throw rocks and burn down buildings, vechiles and such. Perhaps there is a solution hidden there somewhere. But I agree, we should not accept this. The kids need some kind of action. However… what kind of action is the question. As is, that doesn’t work.

Somekind of reeducation is needed, the question is how?



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