To do list

So now I have cleaned downstairs to, but not on the same level as upstairs, where I have cleaned the kitchen cabinets and even repainted parts, that needed it. I have been busy, doing the stuff that makes the home look better, but isn’t always prio one. Refurnished the kids room, to free space. But if I could I would like the kid to have a new piece of furniture and to throw out two pieces. Thinking about it. It would make the kids room more grown up. The other piece of furniture there now is more childish and good for the first years, once the kid gets older, the less stuff you want showing in the room. A closet would be nice, for all the stuff, but not that big in depht, just to have enough space for movement in the room. Well, in my head I have an idea. But then the cost, effort and money has to be right as well. I like used furniture. You give stuff a new life. Sometimes you find pieces that are special, that make your home nicer. I love finding those pieces.

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