Google doodle new years eve 2015 (and new years day 2016) analysis


I wonder what eggheads Google bird’s team is waiting to be hatched? An “l”. Spotted star. The egg pattern is full of spots and one star. Perhaps they wonder what stars are going to be spotted in 2016? The egg is green. Often the “l” is green in Google doodles. For new years eve the birds are sitting on a tree branch. Six in a row, except one of them isn’t a bird, but an egg. The bird, in location of the “e” is looking at the watch. The time is either 11 or 5 minutes to 12.

There is a Swedish song named “Fem i tolv”, it means five minutes to twelve. He sang in the melody festival 1986, his name is Fredrik. The song is written by Berg and Forsman. He sings that it is time he looks himself in the mirror. No one calls on him, he needs to rely in himself. He says he must hurry. If the clock is five to twelve, then he will make it in time. He sings about the fact that it is time to open new doors. He sees new possibilities and he can do whatever he wants.
Maybe he meets a old dream that he has stopped believing in.
There is also a movement named “5i12-rörelsen”, according to Wikipedia. They where grounded in 1988, they work for people equal value, against racism, for equal human rights and value. Every year they hold a manifestation. The original music video was removed, but now there is the whole melody festival, one of the songs is Fem i tolv, starts är 42:42:


On YouTube there are many videos on the topic “five to twelve”, even a thriller, as well as survival games.There is a hardrock band named five to twelve. One song is against racism. This is one of their songs:

There is an Swedish expression “Den som väntar på något gott…” The expression is that someone that waits for something good never waits to long. But I would like to say you always wait to long…(not true, but you know, it feels like it to often).
Most likely 5 minutes to 12. The first bird, in location of “G” is blue. The second bird, “o”, is red, the third bird, “o”, is yellow.
The fourth member is “g” and it is blue. The egg is green, in location of “l”. The last member is red and has the watch.
The fourth “g” has a long tail (perhaps in reference to the letter g).
The birds are looking around and then they end up looking at the “l”. Timing, perhaps. Branch could be the “Google branch”. In Sweden we can call different work areas “branches”(det finns många olika grenar). Google is within IT. We can say that the Google team is colourful in the image. The Google team are strange birds, they remind of cartoons of parrots. Parrots are intelligent.
In some cultures some birds are sacred, in others thieves and some bring messages of war. Some birds, like the owl, are a symbol for transformation in some cultures. Phoenix bird is a symbol for rebirth. Since this doodle has a egg, that most likely will hatch, during the day, in Google’s series for new years. In dreams( it can mean cracked or broken dreams, as well as a symbol for spring, which comes after winter. As well as broken dreams, it can symbolise potential. They are also a starting point in life, life begins. They are fragile and must be treated cautiously. Breaking out of a shell can also symbolise freedom.

According to Wikipedia an egg is used until the embryo can survive on its own, if not eaten as food. Not just birds lay eggs, even fish and other animals. So if we see the shell as a cover, perhaps it is a symbol for someone to come out of their shell, to see what personality it has. The birds are standing in this order: Blue-red-yellow-blue-green-red.

The birds are sitting on a branch. In Sweden there is a film named “En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron”(A dove sat on a branch and thought about life), by Roy Andersson. It is a triology of what it means to be “human”.
There are songs about birds. There is song named “Två små fåglar på en gren”. It is a old song.
There are stupid questions online about “If there are five birds on a branch and you shoot one down, how many are left?”. If they ain’t deeth, then none is left.
I am guessing if the others feel the other one fall down, I would say there might be none are left, not even one, not if they get scared.
Youtube has a film on birds hatching that was highlighted some weeks ago.
Perhaps that inspired the Google team to do the bird theme?
In Swedish we have the expression “en fågel viskade i mitt öra”(a bird wispered in my ear).
But you would translate it “a little bird told me”.
We also have the expression “en fågel i handen är bättre än tio i skogen”,
translation suggestion at “paengelska” is: Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, even though the correct translation really is one bird in the hand is better than ten birds in the woods.
Those idioms are stupid in many ways. They think you should settle for what you got. I think that is a bad idea, if what you got is bad, that is. It is telling people that if they cannot reach their target, then they should be content anyway. I am saying, that isn’t always the best choice. It all depends. I usually reroute and try anyway.

The expression “en fågel viskade…”(a bird told me) is another way of saying “gossip”. Twitter has the bird symbol. Twitter is in many ways “gossip”. Just a note. Some of the birds, two in fact, are blue, just like the twitter bird.
There are math puzzles online with birds in trees. A branch is usually in a tree, or a bush.
In a storybook “waiting to hatch”, they have the same title as the birds purpose in the Google doodle.
Well. What is this about? Are we all waiting for 2016 to hatch? Well, in a sense we are. Are we colourful, well, we are. We are all colourful and diversified personalities, waiting, for 2016 to hatch, hoping for good days to come. Colour could be for different origins, that we can hang around with all origins. However, we never know what to expect, just to keep our spirits high, hoping for the best. The clock, that one bird looks at, could be “time flies”. Tiden går och går, as we say in Swedish.
Idiom, from The free dictionary:
“time flies (when you’re having fun)”
That means that time passes to quickly for me. With that said, time flies and it’s soon 2016, the Google team are waiting for new stars to hatch, in all races. If we talk of time, there are different sorts of time, in science, that is. We humans don’t know much about life and the universe actually. Perhaps you can revisit yourself in another dimension(or this), if you ever get to be there, that is. You don’t know, I cannot say it is so, or that it isn’t so. We know to little to know.
Our lives, compared to Earth, is so brief and short. But then again, what is “our lives”? We don’t know much about death and such. Perhaps we live forever. What a terrible thought. Eternal prison, to be alive, but in different shapes and constructs. Is “we” all our lives, or just this one? I chose to say I am me in this life, if I live other lives I am that being then, even if I might have had passed lives. Who is to say that reincarnation happens in the future? Since we don’t know, we can be reborn anywhere in time really. Since I do not know, I cannot bother to worry about it. If you want to know more about time, someone at KTH has blogged about it. You find the link in sources.

Well. So what is Google expecting to be hatched in 2016? A spotted star, diversified, unique and different, perhaps.

Update 20160101:


Well, so the year turned to 2016 and the egg was hatched. It wasn’t a bird in the egg, it was turtles, not just one, but five turles! The turles are facing in different directions. The fourth, blue bird, (g), is throwing colorful confetti all over itself. The blue, big bird (G, is bouncing up and down. The second bird (o) is jumping up and down on the branch. The third bird (o), is stretching up and forth.The last bird has a party hat that goes up and down when it is jumping up and down. A flag, that used to be the ribbon on the egg, is hanging underneath the nest with the hatched turtle egg.

So why turtlees hatched? Did you know that turtles organs don’t age like it does in other animals? A hundred year old turles organs are in as good condition as a young turtle. Turles can turn real old, 298 years old in captivity according to Wikipedia. In some series the turles are heroes, as in Teenage mutant hero turtles, and in other series they are slow, like in Bamse. In Super Mario they are enimies. Turtle eggs can be round as well as egg shaped. Turtles must make it on their own from when they hatch. A turtle is a reptile. The variation is large, there are meat- as well as vegetable eaters.

Within Feng Shui the turtle is used for one side in a building. The turtle is holy and a symbol for family. (Encyclopedia of Feng Shui). Within Minogame the magic turtle lives a thousend years and is considered the foundation for the beginning of everything.

Turles with dragon heads symbolise long life in buddhism. The back shield symbolises heaven. The stomach shield symbolises Earth. The body symbolises humanity. On Chinese coins the turtle symbolises wealth.

Within new age the turtle gives protection.

Indians use the turtle as a symbol. It means different things for different tribes, i.e. water, fertility and life span.

In ancient Greece we find the turtle in stories about Akilles and the turtle. Akilles can never outrun the turtle as long as the turtle has a head start.(

There are five turtles in the Google doodle. They are in a “totem pole” shape, just as the indians, however moving, like they are balancing, to stay up. Number five is in the middle of the one digit number series 1-9.The balanced number. The turtles in the image keep balance.



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