A big ashole for a parent

I was reading a debate article in Aftonbladet.se and its about a parent saying it doesn’t think children need a white Christmas except for snow. With white Christmas we can mean alcohol free Christmas. The writer is actually saying it isn’t a worse parent just because it consumes alcohol on Christmas. The writer argues that Christmas isn’t the children’s holiday. The writer writes that the children don’t automatically feel bad if the parent consumes a little alcohol, the mentioned amount is 3 glasses of alcohol and a small piece of alcohol. Then the writer argues that the alcoholist won’t care if someone uses limited amounts of alcohole, they will still use alcohol anyway. The writer writes it is as stupid to skip the candy if some parents have eating disorders. The article continues like this, the writer compares the animals suffer, should we not skip the meat on the table and so on. The writer argues a white Christmas is pointless for the invited.

The writer’s arguments are pointless. You cannot compare alcohol to regular candy. You cannot compare food to alcohol. Alcohol as beverages are pointless and serve no meaning, whilst food does. You cannot compare those at all.

I want to say, what a stupid parent. I think all kids should get parents that are free from alcohol. There isn’t even a need for a slight sip. Alcohol is shit and an unnecessary item on the Christmas table. If something happens, a sober parent is much more wise. Let’s say a fire starts, a sober parent would do more right than the opposite. A sober parent is more aware of the environment than an intoxicated parent. A sober parent can drive a car if there is an emergency. A sober parent is more present. As a kid I would like the sober parent. Sorry, but all other arguments don’t bite on me.

Even a couple of glasses make people stupid. That is my experience from never drinking. I am always sober. I don’t like people drinking, they turn stupid or change to the worse somehow. Try to associate with people drinking and being sober yourself and you’ll understand.

As a kid I remember the alcohol drinking adults where scary, disgusting, groping, tearful and all bad things really. I get shivers down my spine, just having to think about it. Seeing all drunk people in my childhood made me say no to alcohol. Bad adults.

A kid deserves a totally sober parent always. If you don’t think a kid deserves a sober parent, then you don’t deserve children. Just saying.

Today Henry Bronett replied, in Aftonbladet, to the article written by the women wanting to have some glasses of alcohol on Christmas. He writes how he remembers the adults crying, grabbing his cheeks, being to close with their bad breathes and so on. I can feel his fears as a kid. I really can. Just as I, he thinks kids deserve a sober parent.
I hate the smell of alcohol, there is nothing attractive about it. Just skip the damn glasses and let the children have a merry Christmas.




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