Christmas dinner

I was at my work place Christmas dinner. They had a dining table downstairs and upstairs. I couldn’t walk good in stairs that day. It was enough to drive there, my leg was stiff and not in any good condition. I wanted to be downstairs and not do more harm than the trip there already caused my leg.

When I reached the Christmas table, all seats were taken. My boss asked if anyone could go upstairs. Nobody replayed. Nobody would rise up and go upstairs, even though I am on crutches. And they all work in a job where you need to be kind and caring… what kind of people are they?

I am a consultant, I seldom meet my colleagues. I am often alone among other employees at the customer site. So when I finally meet them, there is no empathy.

My boss shows me to a bar table in the entrance. I sit there. I don’t complain. There are five chairs. Nobody sits down with me, eating the dinner. I sit all alone, through the dinner. Starting to ask myself why I even bothered coming. But when I had dined I wanted to get to know a few. I didn’t want to sit alone. I asked a nice girl if she was healthy and if she wouldn’t mind sitting upstairs, so I don’t have to sit alone in the entrance. She understood, she and her friend went upstairs. This makes a blonde women furious. She is almost angry, ready to burst. She just says. “Okay, if you go I will go to, to the girls.” I don’t say anything. It is her own business. She doesn’t go upstairs, just moves to the other side. I overheard her saying something like “[..]training and being on sick leave”… trash talking me, as if she hated handicapped people because they exist. She didn’t think of that I have to do physio therapy in order to get a normal functional leg. My healing will take 3 months. She had no empathy what so ever. It was only her needs in focus.

I am expected to start working soon, even though I still walk with a limp and have the wrong setting on my foot. What was such a person like her even doing in a job where empathy is necessary? Obviously she had no empathy for handicapped people. People like her ruin the world for so many. It was as if she didn’t even want people like me to exist.

I told my partner when I got home. My partner wondered if I told anyone. I didn’t. I said I didn’t want to trash talk in front of my employer. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me. But I do feel she was not right to work in this line of duty. Just felt it, inside my heart. I don’t even know her, haven’t even spoken to her and she acts like I am a plake. There is always some bad people like this at all work places. I hope I never meet her at any assignment. If I do, I won’t talk to her. I will remember her face. She is a person you must avoid. Toxic in every sense. I wish I had never met her. She was a bad person.

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