Flyktingkris i Sverige – Refugee crisis in Sweden

To many refugees have come to Sweden. Sweden has no control over the people that have come here. Terrorists might hide amoung the refugees. Who knows what they are planning? Fake papers, bad intentions masked in migration from war. We don’t know who is who. I think all refugees should be in camps, so we can archive them and investigate them before allowing them further in Europe. Biometrics need to be taken, pictures, finger prints and DNA. If criminal activities are done and we find their biometrics in that crime scene we can know who it was if we find a match. We need to look at the risk by having no control over paperless people. It is a enormous risk in many ways. Criminality, terrorism and many other problems can be hiding in uncontrolled mass immigration.

I think we need to help, but we need to do it in controlled ways and not risk the safety of the Swedish population. Right now it is in risk. The state doesn’t know who is who and they don’t even have control in the refugee camps. The registration is to slow and people can disapear before registration. We don’t know where that person has gone. Some never appear again. Some go to other countries, some stay illegally. I think it is a problem having people under the radar, illegally in Sweden.

I know other countries have this problem, but we need to have control. I am not against controlled immigration, but Sweden has lost control. We can no longer guarantee safety for our population. We don’t know who is coming. We just don’t know. We cannot offer housing other than in tents. Sweden is starting it’s winter period now, that means it will get minus degrees Celcius. That is real cold. Sweden doesn’t even have jobs to all permanent residents, so what will the refugees have? Not much. We cannot tell the Swedes to borrow money to give food to the refugees, it is not fair. We cannot finance the coming amounts, since they are to many. There are other countries in other continents that could accept refugees.

However in the end, the best thing is that there was no war. But creating instability by enormous mass immigration might even cause a war here. I am scared. There is no control. We need to have control. Safety should be number one. We cannot accept this much, we are a small country. We want to help, but we cannot help this much. In the end noone will get any good help. That creates irritation, conflict, anger… and all those things we already have in children that have lived many years in Sweden. All due to integration lacking. We need to integrate and Swedishify the immigrants, so that they might understand and accept the Swedish community, otherwise we will just create problems.

It is a complex question and I am generalising, but I need to get everyone to understand that the solution is not for Afganistanian boys to live in Sweden, nor to bring their relatives here. The solution is to stay in your country and build it up and prevent and work against bad politics. You need to go back and make your home countries better. You need to develop your home countries. Go there, start schools, start educating people. Don’t come here, that is not the solution. Stay in your country, that takes more of an effort than emigration.

Syrian people, I understand the bombs are falling, the country is in ruins. Try to build it up. Try to change. Don’t accept bad change. I know it is hard. I don’t know the solution for Syria, since it is so bad. So bad. They have nothing. But we need peace in Syria, not war. The Syrian people cannot all live in the rest of the world…. who will live in Syria? IS?

I think this is world war three, why cannot everyone accept this? World war 3. The world is in bad condition. War is in focus instead of acceptance and love.

It ain’t love to force yourself upon Sweden. You are not respecting us. You can live anywhere where there is peace. Don’t create war. You can accept other countries as well. Accept a location anywhere, as long as you are not in war. Respect Europe, don’t demand just anything. Accept what we offer. Accept what we don’t offer. Respect, sympathy goes in both directions. Complicated questions. No easy solution.

I am not against immigration. But I want control and safety to be put first. We cannot have double amount of refugees compared to our country, that will change our country…. I am scared it would change to the middle east. I don’t want Sharia. I am confused. I don’t want the immigration to do that. I want to preserve Christianity. But I accept that you are muslim, buddhist and so on, as long as you accept my religion and don’t disallow me this right. But your countries have a history of disallowment. Understand that we might be scared of you changing us. I want equality. Equality. If you don’t believe in that, don’t come here. I want freedom. I want women to have the same rights as men. If you don’t, don’t come here.
I feel for you, but I don’t want you to make our country worse. Come here open-minded, ready to change to believe in women and men being equal, religions to accept all religions. Not believing you are the only right one.

You are people, but accept equality, otherwise don’t come. Don’t expect us to just serve you. You must give. If we give, give back. Appreciate. Accept. Love. Believe. Understand.

Give us the best version of you. Don’t give us egoism. Be solidaric. Be positive. Be kind. Be equal.

Don’t think that you should come here, be treated as royals and that you can settle anywhere on the cost of the Europeans. If you can support yourself, then of course, you can use your money to serve you.

Accept that Europe offers what Europe has, not what you want. We have to preserve stability. The large countries with a lot of population have more capabilities of handling more people. Accept your location. Don’t be ego. Be kind. Accept. Understand. Try to understand.

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