Google doodle has a squirrel saying hi 08!

In today’s Google doodle in Sweden the Google doodle is made by pumkins. Very commonly used as decorations during the fall. Halloween especially. Here the pumpkins has the shape of Google, however can be seen as 600810 as well, since they look similar to the numbers. Pumpkin kan also be said about a beloved. According to Urban dictionary it can mean excellent also. Even an expression for fools…

Then the squirrel appears behind the g or 8 shaped pumpkin and just pops up and looks around. Then the little squirrel goes and says hi at the first o from the left. Then it loops itself. So at times it turnes out as “hi 08”, or “80 hi”. If it had started at hi 08 then it would have said hi to people in Stockholm. In numerology 08 turns to 8. 80 can be a strength number, a karma number as well.

People with the number 80(8) can be said to work for making humanity better, communities, nations and the planet better (source 1). According to some religious scriptures the number 80 is in both hebrew writings as well as Buddhas and the Coran(source 2).

Funny enough Linnés book on page 80 talks about the fact you need clean air, not just good food, sleep and such to be healthy(source 3). That is a little bit funny, since I wrote about that the other day, that I felt well when I was in a town with cleaner air than in Stockholm. I got sick just after a few days in Stockholm.

80 can also be the generation born in the 1980’s. The generation born from 1980 til 1989.

The regular age in Sweden, for men and women, is that you might turn 80, if you live a good life. That is the expected age limit in Sweden.

When letting the mouse slide over the Google doodle it says “Höstdagjämningen 2015”, that is when the sun centre passes between the south and north Celestial Equator (source 4). In simple terms it gets darker every day… more night than day.

A squirrel is known to collect nuts. It is fun that the pumkins can mean fools as well. So double meaning for “stupid”. They hide the nuts, dig them down, but only seem to remember about 10% of the burried nuts. But thanks to that, they create new trees for us. So them forgetting is really a good thing. Gathering nuts can also be about gather nuts, as people around yourself. So perhaps Google is the squirrel that gathers all the nuts around them. The image searches on the Google search engine many times perhaps lead the teams at Google to think that some of us…. or perhaps 80% are nuts? Who knows how the numbers should be interpreted? If they didn’t want numbers to be the association with the squirrel then it is og. Og is och, that is and, in English. 8 and 0. If you are sports fanatic, then it could be a legendary number from a game played by Liverpool once, that is footboll, for those that do not know, or should I say soccer? Liverpool vs Beşiktaş (source 5).

The latin name for squirrel is Sciurus Vulgaris. (source 6) Oddly enough that sounds like scary vulgar. Haha. According to Wikipedia they prefer to live alone and not share their food with others. Scirus Vulgaris build nests from branches, just like birds. They can live up to seven years, even if the regular age limit is 3. It is a vegetarian and eats from trees.

In nordic mythology the squirrel gives messages from the Gods. According to Angelfire they are symbols for immortality.

Perhaps Google gathers all the nuts out there, the searches the population does, and harvests them, but then only finds 10% of the gathered nuts out there, when in fact they are 80%? I don’t know. Hi nuts! The only one nuts here, is my interpretation….hahaa. Well, hope you had fun.

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