Review of the movie Open Windows

Open Windows promises a lot, but doesn’t deliver at once. Eliah Woods plays a man that has won a contest, that seems to be a hoax and there never was a contest. Instead he is being used by a hacker, that lures him into doing illegal stuff. He really doesn’t have a choice and he gets more and more into a mess and the hacker wants to lure him into a trap. This is a thriller, but the film doesn’t really start until 40 minutes into the film. But then it is a real thriller and the real action begins.

The end of the movie has a real twist and nothing is what it seems in the end. No way out had very much a twist in the end as well, nothing seemed the way it was. So good acting? Doesn’t need to be. It is a movie for young men that like to sit and hack behind the computers. The men don’t really show much skin, it is just the female role that does. The movie takes place in front of surveillance cameras and webcam’s, perhaps this angle and perspective makes this movie a little bit newer. We see everything computerized, as if we were survaillancing the happenings ourselves. Perhaps the movie therefore sends a message that anyone can be behind the computer and do good or bad things.

So is it a good movie? It wouldn’t win an Oscar and no I don’t think I want to give a good grade, however it is seeable, but you need to be awake and not tired to see it, otherwise the first 40 minutes will make you fall asleep.

The movie could have been better, but wasn’t. I don’t even want to grade it. However for a late night movie, why not see it? It is seeable, but not “starable”. New thinking, but not a success anyway.

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