So this week is over

…and a new week begins. Boring week, full of work. Work, work and work. Far away from home. But I am hoping the work is fun. A week of fun. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

I haven’t finished all “to do’s” yet. I have a repair person coming. Fixing something in the house. I have fixed something myself today. I have worked on the kitchen desks and tried to renovate and fix the kitchen up a little, just the worktops in the kitchen. Looks better now, even though new ones would look better of course. But I ain’t buying new ones right now, perhaps later. But for now this has to do.

I have also attended a wall in the kitchen that my partner managed to destroy when my partner removed a child gate. Well, I am going to paint and improve things that have been struck by old age and usage. Such things make a house look much more up to date, even though it has not been renovated in years. All such things affect other people’s perception of the house. To increase your winnings such things must be attended.

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