Home exam and errands don’t mix

I odd to complete my exams, but I don’t seem to get around to do it. I have a home exam. I have time to do it now. But life seems to be in the way. I had to do all those paper work this week that you never seem to get around doing. You know, administration, boring but necessary. I had to post mail. I had to order spare parts. I had to return a item that was faulty up on delivery, I had to send paperwork here and there. I had to pay bills. A lot of stuff really. I also had to order some home service, but I missed the phone opening hours, so that I will have to do another day. Still one thing on my mind. The faulty product must be sent in, get money back and then reorder. Another thing on my mind. Then I have to see to that the spare parts come. Then I have to remind my partner to buy another spare part later on this week. There are many “to do’s” on my list right now. On top of this I have also been to the recycle area and to the store to buy groceries. On top of all this I have been putting in my clothes to the closet and sorting out my partner’s and kids clothes as well. I haven’t placed their clothes in the closet, they can sincerely do it themselves. Otherwise they just get to spoiled. I am already handling the economy. One of my savings acoount has been restored to minium wanted level, but I really want to double it. We need to have it doubled, since my partner’s employer has money issues during the winter period.

Well. So today has been a errand day, not much studying so to speak. Perhaps tomorrow? But I will have to do some errands as well.

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