Tomorrowland – movie review

This is a sci-fi. In Sweden it is in the theatres right now. It is about the future, or a alternative present, right here on Earth, a alternative dimension, existing side-by-side with our current world. They can travel between the dimensions. However one world is without politics and the other world is our current.

Well, it is a adventure film. I happen to think it is somewhat childish. So I think the whole family can see it. It felt like a Disney-movie. There are things being killed, but they are not human, so it doesn’t feel that bad that they are being destroyed. They are afterall, just machines.

It is about a girl getting an inviation to the other world, or at least a glimpse of it. A 3D movie that feels real to her, even though she is actually never leaving this world. Well. We get to see her discover what it is she gets. The secret is in the pin. It shows her another world. She doesn’t know where it came from, but suddenly she has it. One day it stops working and she seeks the Internet for a pin just like it. She finds a add. She goes on a trip and there the movie starts.

It isn’t going to win any prices this movie, since it is more a children’s movie than a grown-up sci-fi really. It is just a feeling I get. I love the future they display, it is very chic and the clothes are different. The alternative future is very technological, it is as if they project that the “good” is technology in this film. It is like a propaganda for technology there for a while. However that changes in the end. The movie ends with “Find the ones that havent given up, they are the future”. They are looking for dreamers.

I don’t think the future is in the current technologies. Technologies that are used today in mass consumption are bad for the environment and long-lasting lifestyle(Hållbar utveckling). The technologies are not green and totally recyclable. I want technology to be able to throw in the environment and it is biologically breaking down and not harming a living soul. However we know that battery driven technology like mobile phones are not good out in the environment.

So this movie could be seen as if we think technology is all that, when it really isn’t. They are suggesting that good intentions with manipulation in the end can turn sour. Then they are suggesting there is hope, in the population that hasn’t given up trying to change the future for the better. So all wrapped up in a children’s sci-fi, Tomorrowland has all that Hollywood propaganda.


The movie gets 2 out of 5 stars, for entertainment purposes.

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