Free movies

I have been watching YouTube… and you cannot even imagine how many free movies there are. Even movies in theatres can be found there. However, I don’t think it’s legal. The old movies might be, some are uploaded by the production companies, but the movies that are on the movies… are most likely very illegal. However I cannot see that watching them on YouTube without subscription can be illegal. Afterall streaming on a public website is just surfing on the Internet. I am wondering how come they can even upload movies on YouTube? I cannot upload anything above a certain amount that is short movies. But movies are many hours long. I don’t know if you can have subscriptions and then upload. But if that is so, how come illegal uploads are still on Youtube? I am guessing the amount is so large YouTube cannot keep up. I can see that films have been removed due to violations of rules on YouTube, still there are a lot of movies. Tomorrowland was available on YouTube, just so mention one. There seems to be a lot. Sometimes they are hard to find. They are not easily found. But when you do find one, then you find a lot of the movies there. I am not talking about B-movies, I am talking about A-movies that goes up in cinemas. Well. Somehow people go around the uploading limit. I am thinking they haven’t got subscriptions on YouTube, therefore they somehow manipulate YouTube.

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