Children’s movies

This day we had movie night, as we usually do, the kid and me, since the partner is working. This time I chose a children’s movie on YouTube. So that is what I have been enjoying myself with, just translating enough for the kid to tag along in the story. It was a very classic story. Ugly guy meets lovely princess and she falls in love with him. I just wonder why the stories are so stereotype. Why not make her ugly and him beautiful? Well, many stories are like that – stereotype. The world is full of them, since humanity is so narrow minded, that means cannot think out of the box. I wish the clothes in the store were sorted after what it is and then in colors. I don’t think there is no need to code dresses female or male. A man can also wear a dress like today is considered female. I think if you like glitter, then wear it. If you like flower, then wear it, no matter what gender you are. The world is so… trapped in the advertisements and stories stereotype world. The mass version of it, since there are odd balls out there, that do not fit the stereotype image of it all. I wish we forbid the fact that we have male and female toilets and make them all singular toilets instead. I wish clothes weren’t different for genders. I wish we didn’t have male or female footballs teams, if you are good enough then you are one of the best. Why let gender decide? You can compete in your league, with people of the same capacity. That will automatically correct where you compete. I think gender differentiation is old fashioned and out-dated. I think stupid people differentiate gender since their brains cannot cope with diversity. Is diversity so difficult to grasp? Does you mind need to work more? Don’t be so lazy and black box-thinking. Step out of your comfort zone and ask yourself why you differentiate gender. It is time to let personalities be personalities, don’t to make people quite and hide inside in vain. I think everyone should be their true gender. Even you. Taste is different, let your taste in clothes show. Let your personality shine. I want to see the people glow. Glow of love. Glow of understanding. I am not saying it is easy. Even I divide into stereotypes, that makes information easier to process. This is why we want to label things. Labling systems make the processing faster. That makes it faster to come to decisions. But I am saying it shouldn’t be used in gender. Just saying.