Days go by

This was a short week, no work more than three days, but since I have had a cold and ear infection I don’t mind. I have had time to relax. I prefer to stay home and since no work is on offer I had the opportunity to stay home. I am not much of going out with the car, since I think my ears are strange. I got dizzy yesterday when I took the car out, I stopped the car and returned to point A. I didn’t dare to go out again. So I decided to stay home. I am eating antibiotics for the ear infection. Imagine that, old me getting a childhood disease. I was a “ear child”, always had trouble with ear infections when I grew up. I am glad my pain is gone, thanks to the medication. I am still snoring, coughing and being a slime machine. But I am much better than before.

The news are on repeat it seems, like there are no news, even though there are, they just go on and on about the same things. People living in conflicts, starting conflicts, making coupes and doing bad to each other. Very strange. Why not do good? People just go in a wheel, spin around and around and no real news really fall through right now.

On TV our foreign minister says EU is bad in involving EU citizens in democracy. I happen to think that is true. She is so smart, I like her a lot. She has allergies like me, they trouble her at times. Perhaps she also would need cortisone? Allergies are not fun. They make colds take over.

I am tired, energyless, I feel it when I go up and do things here at home. I rather just be in my sofa and relax.

I have been painting at least one illustration each day. I have a fan club, they get it everyday. They write comments sometimes. I even made a order on one for a office. I have already completed it and they liked it. I am just waiting to get better, so I can deliver it.

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