Review of the Maze Runner

I was rather surprised when I saw this movie. This movie had very much the feel of the old game Half Life, but in a different way. It’s about a boy that ends up in something that looks like a prison. In the prison there are other boys. The prison is a little meadow, wood and pound. The place is artifical in many ways. Around the square place there are very tall walls, not walls you would climb. Outside the walls there is a maze. The maze is mechanical and changes in sequence every night. During the night there are beings in the maze, they are not there during the night. Meetings with the beings can result in a sting, a sort of injection that makes you sick. You become dangerous to the others in the compund if you get infected.

However, none of the people inside the compund seem to remember who they are and what they are doing there. How did they end up there? The maze is mechanical and the walls and doors open and close, with no control from the people inside. Why are they there? Are they just subjects in a game? Are they supposed to escape? Is it a game? What twisted mind put them in there?

The movie has emelments of Saw, without the blood. The infection bears similarities to zoombies, but it’s not the same. I was thinking of the “lord of the flies” when I was in the beginning of the movie. There are similarities. They are all boys trapped inside the walls. They are a hierarchy. Well, the movie surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much from a movie named “The maze runner”, but it was much more interesting and it was well directed and the story was good. It gave me the chills, I remembered Halflife. It had some similarities to that, but still not the same story as I said.

If you like gaming, without the shooting, if you like monsters without the blood and if you like stories unfold step by step, then perhaps this is a movie for you, if you are a science-fiction lover to of course.

I must say, there is a number 2 coming. I really liked this movie, so I am looking forward to the second episode. I want to give the film 3 strong stars out of 5. I think we will see more of the unknown actors. Then again, even if the actors are unknown to me, the story is based on a bestselling book, so the underlaying story is good. There are some famous child actors that have grown in this movie however, that you will most likely recognise. The director of this movie is Wes Balls and I think he and his team did a really good job. He has mostly done documentaries on sci-fi. I can only find out that this is his third real movie. I think we will see more of this director. He is young, born 1985, so he is just in his 30’s.

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