Review of the movie John Wick

Don’t mess with the wrong dude, or else… you will be sorry. The outcome of this story is of course revenge, however not on the good guys, but bad guys. This is a story about bad guys having a codex of their own, a sort of parallel world existing within our world, but still separated from our world. They have their own codex, honor, rules, judges and sentences. If you break them, there is no mercy, the penalty is death. This movie is also about rich people who owe their richness to someone else, people who helped them get where they did. A reminder in this movie is that the one that helped you, can also strip you of all your richness. So what is the cost of money? Sacrifice? Of what? Who makes the rules in this alternative reality? Everyone, or, just one?

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In the parallell world of gangsters they even have their own currency, their own hotels and so on. Yours or my money wouldn’t be accepted. I can see this as allergoric to not all money leading to real power. If I was rich I don’t think a regular Anne or Joe would be accepted into the doors of real power. I think they really live in their own reality. You need to get lucky, or be born to the right parents. Somehow their own currency reflects back on our society, were there is money and money. Some money is blood money, illegally obtained, whilst others is the regular money, legally obtained. There is old money and new money, I am guessing how the money is earned in today’s society also gives us different privelages. So why do they have their own money? I guess to identify themselves from “regular” people, to differentiate and exclude others. Really it could be symbolic for rich people having more money than the regular people, rich enough to differentiate in how they live, what clothes they dress in, what car they drive and so on. Money is just a symbol, but could be seen as many other symbols for status in our real society.

This movie would be a really good computer games for shooting. You would walk around killing all red shirts. The comic thing is that there actually are real redshirts in Thailand. They are poor inhabitants and farmers in Thailand. The redshirts in 2010 thought that the power by the prime minister in Thailand was apprehended the wrong way, according to They thought he was really just a puppet for the military.

According to Wikipedia the redshirts were informally led by the PPP party. UUD, the redshirts, seek confrontation.

In 2014 we could read at SR that the redshirts were waiting for the military to hand over power to the people.

Even thought the Thaistory is different than the movie, there is some likeness, since it is about abuse of power and obtaining it illegally. The man with the red shirt in this movie has surely contained his power illegally. One could also say that he got to the power with the help of one person and that person can also get him off power. So who ever puts people illegally in power can also remove them from power, perhaps that is somehow what the movie is saying. The power obtained by someone else is just an illusion of power, since the real power is really within the person that helped someone to come to power. Perhaps this is what this movie is about?

Even though the movie is about a John Wick, a man shooting his way through the movie, killing bad guys one by one. Since the bad guys are easily found in many cases, many wear red shirts, so then it is easy for John Wick to kill the “right” people. This is why this would be such a good video game. You would have to kill all the red shirts. Perhaps there already is a game with the same theme. The game would be a game of Doom type. A regular shooting game.

Well. So how does this revenge play off? Well. That is for you to find out. It is a entertaining film, a regular shooting film, really. Feelings are set a side. Parallells of a man loosing his wife can be seen in the lead characters real life. Keanu Reeves plays the lead role. The Russian gangster is played by a Swede, Michael Nyqvist, he plays it very well. Keanu plays a sexy man, as usual. Keanu seldom looks bad, his characters can also be set into any film really, beacuse of his international look. He can say he comes from any country really, his mixed gene pool makes him Chinese in some, a Russian in others, an American in the third and so on. He could even play a Swede, if he just wanted to.

So perhaps this is just a shooting movie, but it does contain some elements of strangeness, so it is more like a shooting saga than a story. It is a unreal world that is being portraid. I give the movie 2,5 stars out of 5. That means it got a passing grade. It could have been further developed by letting us know more and see more about the story before all that happens in the movie starts to happen. The whole story so to speak. Now we just get to see the revenge part mostly, leaving the lost relationsships unsaid in many ways.

Well, if you like action and shooting, then see it, otherwise it is not a movie for the ones that do not like action, killing and such.