Gone Girl movie review

In Gone Girl movie we can see Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as the lead characters. It is about a man that one day discovers a strange scene in the living room. It is somehow a “crime scene”, but there are some odd things about it. It is as if some pieces do not match what really has happened in the living room.

The man realises that his wife Amy is gone and he doesn’t know where. It is their wedding day anniversary. He has called the cops and they start investigating what really happend.

The strange things is that the cops find an envelope that says “Clue one” when they search the house for clues. The mans wife Amy, usually makes riddles and clues and this is part of their anniversary tradition. He can associate to the clues, since they have meanings hidden in them. He figures them out, but the cops follow him around, so they also know there is a second clue. However, he doesn’t reveal that he finds clue number three, since he thinks everything about the whole event is strange. At one point he realises that the cops have started to think he has murdered his wife. He however hasn’t. So has his wife been murdered or kidnapped? Why are the cops suspecting him?

He realises he needs a lawyer when he figures out what is really going on.

In the beginning Ben Affleck’s character is very numb, as he doesn’t care that his wife is gone. He is mellow, down, so to speak. But since we get to know the man we understand that his wife was a nightmare to live with. A control freak that he really wanted to divorce.

I cannot reveal the story more than this without spoiling the film. But the film is about what some people can do to stay married or get divorced. It is about the sacrifices that people make in some cases, the sacrifices are that they are not living their true lives. People not being true to themselves. People making mistakes, i.e. getting married to the wrong person. There are people that live lies, not being true to themselves, turning into numb people, unhappy were they are at, wanting something else, but not having the guts to get it.

The story itself is good, but Ben’s lack of energy is apparent in the movie, perhaps on purpose, but since his characters are usually filled with energy, he seems down in this movie somehow. Perhaps that is the purpose, but in the beginning it is as if he lacks reaction. Somehow it is disturbing, but I am thinking this is perhaps how they wanted the character to be portraid?

It is in the genre of TV-film I would like to say. It is seeable and not in any way boring. It is easy to look at and the story told is somewhat twisted when thinking of it completed. I don’t want to grade it, since I think of it more are a TV-film than a movie for the big screen at the movie theater. It is okay, but Ben has been better in other movies. It barely passes a passing grade, a week passing grade, but no stars, more like TV-clippers instead.

It is good enough to be entertainment a weekend evening!

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