Game of Thrones exhibition

I have been to the Game of Thrones exhibition. I believe it was a exclusive exhibition here in Stockholm. Not all people in line would be able to get in, since the line was very long. The exhibition goes on for three days. Then the exhibition goes to other places in Europe. Sweden is the only Nordic country (I believe) that gets the exhibition. It is totally free. People like free things. Then they also sell collections for those that collect items of the Game of Throne.

I was only there since I accepted to babysit my friends teenager on visit, from another town. It was me, the friends kid and my kid. They got to see the clothes and accessories from the movie. You could pose with the sword with a Game of Thrones background. There was also virtual reality tours inside cages. You could also make a small clip were you got torched by a dragon. Well I didn’t do the VR tour, since I wasn’t really all in to it, I was just babysitting. The teenager wasn’t all into the VR tour either, so that one we skipped. However of course the teenager did the effects with the dragon of course.

I think many people have stood in line for hours. We stood in line for the shop to buy things for the teenager. However, the other line would have been pretty impossible to stand in if you arrived later than 11.00. We wouldn’t have been able to enter the exhibition, if the teenagers father had not made some phone calls. We didn’t stand in line. How embarrising, but when people know how to do it… we got access anyway.

I am very much satisfied with today, even if I have been walking almost all day. My feet are pretty tired. Now we are watching Melodifestivalen at TV (music competition). I have already made sure the teenager is on its way home now. Travelling. A good day and weekend. After a good working week. I am also booked to work all next week.

Needless to say. I took pictures. Of course.

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