Review of the Movie Lucy

A futuristic drug has been invented. You are forced into trafficking with drugs, against your will. You are forced to undertake surgery. You are a hostage, with no survival in sight. You are a toy, in the illegal game of trafficking. You have no choice. Gangsters have forced this upon you. You are just a student name Lucy. You get beaten on your way from point A to point B, the drug gets into your bloodstream. In enormous amounts. The drug alters you. You get smarter with time. What do you do? You brain functions at a uncomprehensive level and you feel less human when the drugs alter your brain. You are evolution, human kind 2.0. Not a homo sapiens anymore. What do you do? This is what happens to Lucy. Forced to become something she didn’t used to be. So what does she do with all this knowledge? Smarter than anyone alive. What would you do? We get to understand what could happen if this all could happen. We are given a alternative reality. This movie is surely a sci-fi. Questioning what is intelligence and life really? What is it all about? Philophic about human cruelty. Death, revenge, are we not more than our feelings? If we are, what do we then become? What does Lucy become? Explore it in this movie named Lucy. Scarlet Johansen starring. She is made to look trashy, not as her glorious self, in many of the movie moments. The movie has parts and elements from other movies, like time travelling, star travelling, evolution and so on. Special effects surround this movie, so we could say Luc Besson has taken us on a artistic journey. It is a good movie, but not a five star like the Big Blue, but a four star I do give Lucy. The movie is splattery like Léon, not calm like the Big Blue (Det stora blå).

Don’t see the film if you don’t like sci-fi. Don’t see it if you don’t like blood, revenge, splatter and so on. See it if you do like all those things…

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