Film – Code 46

I saw a movie on YouTube, with Spanish sub’s, but they all speak English. Well, it was a futuristic fiction, about how it could be in the future. In the future it is all about controlling disease and sickness. In order to eliminate sickness they don’t allow you to travel to places that could be fatal to your genetic code. There are places within the system and places outside the system. To get into the system I don’t know what you need, but some never get into the system. In the system you can travel. If you are not in the system you might have to have illegal permits. This story is about an investigation of how some may gain such illegal permits.

Code 46 is a rule about who is allowed to have children and with who you are allowed to have children. You are not allowed to be a partner with someone that has 50% or 100% similar DNA as you. They have all the rules since they use invitro and even clone people. That means you are not allowed to have sex with someone that you might be attracted to if their DNA matches yours to much. However the laws of attraction don’t care about DNA in this story, so this is the story lined a head.

What is the punishment for crimes in the future? Well, mind alterations seems to be the new way… Hope you enjoy the movie.

Here are some trailers.

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