Thanks but no thanks

Applying for jobs always results in a lot of “Thanks but no thanks”-letters. This is why applying for jobs is extremely boring. You feel rejected, even if you try not to. But I do. It is like, no matter how much you do you are not good enough. I wonder what the competition is really? Who are all these people who get chosen? To often I don’t think right people work at right places. I wonder how come they have permanent jobs? What God did they worship? Themselves?

Well. I find it outerly boring anyway. I have to go to sleep, to get up early. I don’t like working so early mornings. I mean, I used to work in IT… but now it is more than four years ago, so I am thinking I am no longer an IT-person. My skills have declined. I am also to old for someone to use as trainee. Surely that is true. Unfortunately this world if fixated at age. Boring, but true.

Anyways. I have spammed employers during December and January. I have applied in bulk. No luck really. Well. I am wanted as a temp, but I don’t wanna be a fucking temp the rest of my life. I find it useless. Pointless. I don’t know what I want anymore.

I just want to be paid enough money to have a good life. Is that too much to ask for? I want a job where I don’t have to use my body, since my back is killing me. I need a non physical job, were I can have a bad back. I could as well push a button, if I just was paid enough. It seems like employers just wants slaves, I don’t feel like working for slave salaries.

Is it too much to want a job that pays the bills? Just asking. Sweden is so….. bläääää.

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