Russian transsexuals not allowed to have a driver’s license

In todays DN I read that Russian transsexuals are not allowed to have a driver’s license. Why? According to the article they are considered mentally ill. I just wonder what sexuality has to do with traffic? Does it matter if a car is male or female? I think we would know a car from a person, wouldn’t we? Are traffic directions not specific for traffic? Are Russia considering sex equal to traffic?

I think a man or women may dress as they like. In some countries many men dress in dresses that look like a female dress, i.e. in India and some African countries. So why has dressing as the oposite sex resulted in revoked driver’s licenses? Or sex change for that matter? I think it all just sounds very rediculous. Driving skills have nothing to do with gender. If it had, then XY cromosones shouldn’t be allowed to drive, since men are in more accidents, perhaps beacuse of more testosterone? Who knows? Well, anyways, you see I think sex and traffic don’t mix, even if some might think it does…

The only mentally ill in this case, that should have licenses revoked, seems to be the rulers of Russia. Sorry, but more true than the laws… since the laws seem… insane somehow.


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