Review of the movie The last days

This is a very strange movie and I rented it since the topic was hilarious. I just had to rent the movie. It is a Spanish drama, I would call it a sci-fi without the sci-fi-elements. It is a dooms day film really. All of the world’s electricity goes out and we are thrown back in time since we stop using electronics, cars and so on. We can use them, but since we have no power plants up and running it isn’t something we can do.

The movie presents a dilemma of a virus outbreak. The virus gives humanity agora fobia, which means that you cannot walk out in public open squares, however this agora fobia is only outdoors and it doesn’t matter if people are around or not. The fact that you go outdoors kills you since you get so scared so you get a heart attack and scare yourself to death.

The movie goes in to the fact what would happen if we would stop going to work, or home. In this movie we start living underground, since we are so scared to be outdoors. We cannot even drive cars. The people who go outdoors die in this movie. Why is this? Nobody knows. Some technologies however continue working, that is technologies on autopilot, or independent on the power grids.

So what would you do if you were scared of the outdoors? How long would you be able to sustain? What would you do to get food, water, supplies in general? How long can you go on? Imagine that you cannot go outside to hunt. So how do you get food? How do you get water if you are to scared to go outside? This movie investigates these things, what we would do, how we might react. Would we start killing each other? This movie doesn’t go so far, but however people do riot, but indoors and people do steal from each other, just to survive.

So how far would we go to save ourselves? Walk over others? Could we trust each other in such a world? This movie goes in to that. Indirectly I would say this movie is a critic to modern life. This movie hence smartly undresses us from all our technology.

This movie isn’t the first one that does that, even the Planet of the Apes – Uppgörelsen does that. They also strip mankind of technology. I think it is intersting to see what people would do for technology, both movies go into that. Would you kill for technology? Were do you draw the line?

I like this movie The last days and I give it 3 out of 5 stars. See it if you get a chance.

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