Review of the movie Predestination

This movie isn’t really what you think. It is a time travellers story really. It is investigating the phenomena of the hen and the egg and which came first. It is in fact a head twist. So how can a time traveller affect other lives as little as possible? Perhaps that is what this movie is trying to say. What is also good and bad? Perhaps something bad in the end gives us something good? Perhaps the good and the bad go hand in hand?

This movie is set in the past, but tells the story about the future, however we get to go to the 1960’s and 1970’s, were people are dressed accordingly.

The movie was interesting, even though there isn’t much action. This is a storytelling film, were someone tells us a story and we get to see the images from the story. However how the story is told and what is being told is what makes a storytelling movie good or bad. I would like to say this movie keeps to the intriguing part, however I did figure the movie out faster than my partner. Even though presenting my thoughts, my partner wanted to dismiss them, however they were right. So with that said, some might figure out how the story unfolds, whilst others won’t. The movie keeps on rolling and you want to learn more about how the story unfolds, so you keep on watching. I like this type of story telling, when you want to know more and the clues reveal themselves step by step. This movie isn’t boring, even though I wouldn’t consider it an action.

Ethan Hawke plays the main role, however Sarah Snook has a big role as well and the roles walk side by side throughout the movie. He plays the role fairly, but could have been better, however good enough. She plays it also good enough. This isn’t a first class movie that I would give five stars, however very entertaining. I would give a passing grade, if I was handing out grades. I give it 2+ stars, of five possible.

So what is the paradox of this sci-fi-film about time travel? Dare to find out?

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