Review of the movie “The lunchbox”

The movie is about a service system in India, were people make lunch boxes and a delivery company on bikes serves them to the right people. The people who make the lunch boxes can be restaurants, house wifes, a friend and so on. Then the delivery person fetches them and delivers them by bike.

The story is about a delivery gone wrong. A lunch box that doesn’t reach the right destination, however always the same destination, so the same person gets the lunch box each day. The right person is really the husband, but the husband gets the delivery from the restaurant each day instead. However the person that gets the wife’s lunch boxes likes them very much.

The wife understands that her husband doesn’t get the lunch boxes, since he said he liked a special menu, that she didn’t make. When she learns that she starts sending notes with the lunch box. She doesn’t mind if her husband finds out, since he didn’t even notice he didn’t get the right lunch box each day. The man who does get her lunch boxes starts to reply.

In the beginning she thinks he is rude, since he hasn’t thanked her for the meals at any point. However by each letter they start to form some kind of friendship with each letter. They share thoughts about life and marriage and so on.

They decide to met one day, but he fails to turn up. Why? You have to see the movie yourself. It is a very good movie. It doesn’t end expected. And the movie shows life from a normal point of view really. I like the movie. It is calm and interesting, and you cannot wait to know more. It is one of those “feel-good”-movies, to put it that way. A realistic world view as well as ending is portraid in the movie. It is not a Disney-movie, no it is not even Bollywood, even though most likely made there. It is a good Indian movie, that takes part in Bombay (Mumbai).

The movie very much potrays my view of India, hence I have been there to visit. The noises are there, the traffic, the people, the culture, everything is very much the regular India from my perspective. It is very well portrayed in this film.

The actors are good, realistic portraits of Indians. The food is very much in focus in this movie. India is a spicy country, with a lot of chicken, lamb, vegetables and rice in the dishes.

The older man is a well-known actor, Irrfan Kahn, and I have seen in him in other movies also. He has been in both Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies. Many famous ones. The house wife is played by Nimat Kaur, and I have seen her as the bad guy in Homeland before. I haven’t seen the apprentice to the older man before, Nawazuddin Siddiqui in any other movies, but his movie list was long at IMDB. I would say that the house wife and the older man are most seen in the movie, then the supporting actor is played by Nawazuddin. The husband has more of a bicharacter role and is not that visible in the movie, he is more made like a “shadow” of a man, in many ways that is also how his personality is and by letting him be in the shadows of the movie that personality is enhanced to the role he plays. The list of Indian movies for Nawazuddin is long, so I guess he is a real Bollywood star. Good looking too, as well as the house wife.

I would like to give the movie 4 stars out of 5, for portraying a realistic happening in a realistic way and still making it interesting enough to see.

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