Review of Mockingjay part 1

The movie is about district 13 capturing Katniss. Or have they really just freed her? Katniss is experiencing nightmares from all the killings at the games. The game designer knows Katniss is the Mockingjay that can play the part in the rebellion against the regime Panam. However her psyche makes the president in District 13 wonder if she is.

They start recording propaganda for TV and something is clearly off. They want the real Katniss, not the fake one. They get it and in the end innocent people are brutally murdered, just as if it had been as in any modern war like Egypt, Syria, Iran and so on.

Katniss is portrayed as a propaganda image, the one that units the people. It is a movie about making propaganda, just like Putin tries to get his world view to his own population. District 13 and Panam are both making their propaganda to the people and we can se two views being portrayed. However panam is portrayed as the villain. They are said to use poison to manipulate and target people with the wrong world views. No different from what countries do today, when putting men like Dawit Isaac behind bars in Eritrea just for being a journalist.

The Mockingjay bears many similarities to modern life, the current atmosphere in the world, the ongoing wars and conflicts. About sides trying to get their message across, some without conscience and others humbly. However how do we know that in the information flow? Which side is good? Sometimes District 13 comes off also as hard with tough choices, going against people’s inner self. Having to have permission to have a pet is one of those things. It is as if not even the “good guy” isn’t perfect, that they also can be improved. It is somehow a critic of both the good and the bad guy, that rules get in our ways to live the lives we really want.

Katniss doesn’t seem all that happy with her situation and this movie leaves loose ends, since it is just the beginning and not really a solution. We are left there, waiting for the next episodes.

So what do I think? I don’t know. I would have wanted more of part 2. The waiting period is to long. Perhaps the movie would have been better as a series on TV, one episode each week.

The Mockingjay is in so many ways critic to politics, rules, regulations and shows us how they go against us being our true selves. I don’t think Katniss wants to be the rebellion. I think all she really wants is freedom, which I happen to think not even District 13 offer the people. They are kinder yes. They don’t lock you in, if not insane. They don’t poison you. But you have to wear certain clothes. You are not allowed pets and so on. They have rules to. They therefore also restrict freedom.

It is a strange world we are getting to see, as the world of today also is. Our countries are all different and some control us more than others. It is somehow a critic of the world hidden in the movie and the movie could do more on this part.

Katniss is portrayed okay, but could have been more realistic. However the movie is in an unrealistic world on the first glance, but when considering all parallels to our world, it is more realistic than you think. The effects in the movie are good and perhaps overdone in some cases. One of the actors dying with 7 days left of shooting, doesn’t show in the film really. They cut the film good enough for us to forget about it. Mr Seymour doesn’t feel as a drug attic at all. Unfortunate that he had to die, but drugs have that effect, they can kill you.

If you liked the first movies, then see this one too, and the next coming one also.

I give the movie 3 out of 5 stars. It is a weak 3, I give it a 3, but I think the story is lighter than in the other two episodes.


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