USA collects data from mobile phones with air planes

According to DN USA collects data from the American population’s mobile phones with air planes. By using Cessna air planes they can collect large areas of mobile phone phone calls. They have enough Cessna’s to cover all of the American population. By using air planes for storage of phone calls they don’t have to use the mobile operators systems.

The air planes immitate mobile phone posts and lures your mobile phone to connect to it instead of the mobile operators posts. In my world view this is hacking and illegal, if it had not been the state behind it. In any other country it is illegal and hacking according to me if another state does it. It is spying. Perhaps this is why Americans and Russians are violating Swedish air space? To intercept phone calls and monitor people? Fuck off is the correct response for this. I think they should stop survaillancing regular people, no matter what criminal they want to capture. They need to have more targeted survaillance. I think it is wrong to survaillence innocent people. Let people be, let people perserve their integritity.