Review of the movie A walk among the tombstones

I have seen the movie A walk among the tombstones. It is a film about a retired cop that does investigations, as an unlicensed private investigator.

The film is about couple of men that kill people for pure joy. They are a duo and they kidnap women, ask for ransom and kill them simply. Even if the people pay the ransom, of pure joy they still kill them for different reasons they claim, however I think they are just psychopaths that enjoy killing.

Well. Liam is as good as always, with his dark male voice He is a man that hasn’t broken the law and doesn’t seem to want to either, he still has his heart at the right place.However haunted by the fact that he was a police officer that drank at duty haunts him and therefore he retired. Now he goes to AA meetings and doesn’t drink.

So reluctantly he takes on the case to apprehend the two murderers that kidnap, ask for ransom and kill for fun. He meets people in the boarder of criminality, since it is the friends and relatives of criminals that seem to be kidnaped and murdered. All in the shadows of the system…

So will he get the killers? The film is about a traditional investigation and we get to meet the people he interviews and meets on his way, all with their brief presentations of life. We just grasp some few facts about each person, but get a clear picture through our imaginations. Traditional story telling reveals itself through out the movie and the movie leaves no real surprises, even if some things can seem brutal and cold. Perhaps three outcomes turn out differently than expected, but otherwise the surprises are not that many. However, I like the film, but it isn’t a movie to be seen on the big screen, it is more a movie for the home, for a rented movie night at home.

I liked the film, even if it is not a “grand movie”, it is just a movie for entertainment really, but so are all movies are they not? It is a classic detective film and Liam is as good as always. He knows acting so to speak, so he uplifts the movie by his presence.

So do I need to grade the movie? I don’t feel like it. I didn’t chose the movie, my friend did. Well. It is worth seeing, but not at the cinema, perhaps on video or on TV? It is entertaining, but I won’t grade it. See it, if you want to be entertained.

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