Review of the movie Maleficent

The movie Maleficent has of course stolen the story in big parts from Sleeping Beauty, the princess is even called the Sleeping Beauty at some point in the movie, so the references are clear. The Wild roses bush surrounding the castle in the original story is instead surrounding a magical land called Hedlandet in the Swedish translation. I would call that fairy land, but I don’t think they called it that. However in fairy land magic exists and life is all lovely and wonderful. Maleficent is a kindhearted girl that grows up living a simple life. She is kindhearted and loving. She meets a boy from the human land, were they have a king that rules. In fairy land they don’t need a ruler, since they live in harmony and mutual understanding. It is like a flat hierarchy, were nobody rules over anybody else. In the kings land greed and ruling is on top, just as in our non magical true real world. It is somehow a critic of our current world. That we are all consumed of power, even if we start off as innocent children we are clouded by what power can bring us. However if anyone of us is shown the key to power, what would we do? I think this movie investigates that, or gives us a version of what happens if someone choses power.

The human boy and Maleficent become childhood friends and meet every now and then. The boy grows up to become a servant at the Kings castle.

One day the King loses a battle with fairy land, after trying to concur it. The King is left angry and dying. During that he promises the throne and the princess to the person who kills Maleficent. The boy, friends with Maleficent hears it, and since it wants the power of the throne, it thinks it will gain the power.

It is like people can turn against friends, if offered enough power, or why not money? The Kingdom can be seen as money and luxury as well. Well, the childhood friend takes on the task, or should I say, the grown man that he now is. But he cannot kill her, even when he tries, instead he does something really terrible. That turns Maleficent to evilness, her kind heart is clouded by hate for a while.

However this story is about what can turn us to hate and what can bring us away from hate. Of course love is the answer to that. But what kind of love can turn us away from hate? Unconditional love? What is unconditional love really?

Well. This story investigates the humanity and our love for luxury, power through greed and hate. As well as love. The story is everything but Sleeping beauty and I think this is why it is not named that by Disney. It is instead a story based on Sleeping beauty, but totally different, as well as the outcome. It also gives a pre-story to the regular story.

I think this movie is very much like the Lord of the Rings. They have the fighting trees and many similarities in how the animations look. Also it has stolen some from other Disney tales about fairies in looks and such. Also it mixes in some Charlie and the chocolate factory if we think of what the fairy land looks like.

The Kings castle is really huge and no regular castle would be that big and way up high, it would have taken hundreds of years to build, so it is not a realistic view of life long in any human land, even if they call it human land in this story.

Angelina is wonderful, ugly and beautiful at the same time. At times she wears snake-skin around her horns, why I want to reference her character to the devil. She also has horns as many symbols want to portray the devil. If the devil was real, it wouldn’t have horns, horns are just a symbol, like many other symbols we have, for i this case, the devil. On top of this she also has big wings and flies, she is a so-called big fairy. Angels are often portraid as having wings, that is also a so-called symbol. What a real angel looks like doesn’t need to be as the symbol. A symbol is just a way to portray something, it is a set of rules, just as letters in our different alphabets, or numbers, we have decided what they sound like. It is the same with symbols. I.e. logo’s are symbols, i.e. Microsoft symbol is a symbol we decided is Microsoft’s, but if you didn’t know, it would just a be a symbol without the Microsoft meaning. In order for us to understand symbols, we must know the convention behind it.

In the story Maleficent is also mentioned as the protector in this story, the protector for fairy land. In the Bible God is mentioned as the protector in some verses. God is many times seen as both good and evil, but in the end more good than bad. She is also seen by the princess as a fairy God mother, so the God references are clearly there. A fairy God mother is supposed to look after and protect you, so in more ways than one she is given the role protector in this story.

So what is this story about? About love, hate, betrayal, innocence, joy, anger and so on. I think the movie is too violent to be shown to a smaller kid, but kids from 11 could see it, I think it is a little bit to violent for the younger ages. The age limit in Sweden is also set to 11 years old. People are killed in the movie, so it is not a kind-hearted story that way. It has all the elements of an adventure movie. It is cruel and violent and has a well known, but altered story, with a different ending than the regular Sleeping beauty.

So how many stars does this movie get from me? Well. The actors are all Disney, I would call it a typical Disney story. So the acting is pure Disney style. It is in the style of a story book really. So in that genre I give this movie 3 weak stars out of 5. But compared to lord of the Rings, this movie is far from that good, even if elements are similar. But they play in different genre’s. This is a Disney adventure.

The name Maleficent has similarities to Male if cent… you know if you smell a man. So is this name a warning for men? That men are greedy for power? The King… are after all men in this film. They have just turned the if to fi instead in the name… so is this ment like that, or? What do you think? However Maleficent is used when talking about witches in the middle ages. In history books they describe the witches as maleficent. I am guessing the name is chosen to resemble the witches in the middle ages really, to connect her role to a witch. But the name itself, that was used to describe witches in history books, well, that does have similarities with Male if scent and many of the trials to trial witches were often sexual stories about having sex with the devil. Many torture methods involved undressing the witches and checking their genitalia. I think this is really strange. Not just women were accused as witches, even men and children were. But that is another story, but the male if scent seems so connected to how the witches were trialed and the stories told under torture.

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