I wear headphones, since my partner wants me to, when I sit by the computer. However one day I saw that my pet had shewed of the cable, on a pretty recent purchase. The pet must have thought it was a rat. However, They were finished, I just had to leave them at the recycling station for electronics. I bought new ones, cheaper, but I think better sound. They sit nicely in my head and the cable is like a strong shoe lace, not the regular thin plastic ones. I chose this one since the cable was stronger, even if the sound was better in two others. This one had better fitting and better cable. Comfort is very important. One had really good sound and was available in many wonderful colors. However, even though the sound was nice, the cable was thin. It had life time guarantee for regular usage, but still, the cable… was weak. So I chose this one. I also know that they hurt after wearing them for a while. My spouse has them. The sound is awesome, but one of my ears hurts by the fitting of them after a while. However the ones in the store were nice and didn’t hurt, but I like this other model better. This ones cost less, not that much, but still less. I am satisfied. They are better than the ones the pet bite off the cable on. I think the long-lasting smart thing would be for all headphones to have removable cables, so they could be changed when needed. That would be more sustainable. Just buy a new cable. They could be manufactured on demand, so no extra would be necessary in the stores. Just saying. Some have that. Our kid has headphones with changeable cable. It is good. But I have microphone on mine, so I can use it like a headset for the phone. Those should also be available to buy. The other cables are available in the store already. But unfortunately far from many headphones have that feature. Not any of those I was interesting in anyways… that is said and not sustainable.