Analysis of the Google doodle – Thor Heyerdahl

Today’s Google doodle is all blue. It has the Easter Islands as motif to the right. First we get a profile of the head and then we zoom out and the ground opens up on three layers. Underneath the ground the Easter Island statue has gotten a body, down to the knee. When the animation opens up an arrow and some vertical lines are visible to the left of the figurine.

Printscreen on Google Doodle 20141006
Printscreen on Google Doodle 20141006

To the left there is a raft with a house built on it. On the raft are black people, could be shades of people as well, not really telling if they are black or just people. They have different clothes, one has long pants (to the right) and two have blue shorts (to the left). The man to the right of the middle on the raft has his hand to his forehead, like he is looking ahead. He has light blue shorts. He holds some kind of oar.

There are two blue posts that shape the sails. The sails are white and we can see a small rectangular shaped white sail above a bigger sail. On the bigger sail there are two blue O’s and in the middle of those a black mask, like an African mask.

The African mask is shaped just like the shields that we in western societies use for coat of arms. Coat of arms is often symbols of states, countries, cities, families and such. Not a regular family of course, but those that have done the job and created a coat of arms for their families, often nobility and royalty.

Around the doodle is a sort of frame. The frame consists of bamboo sticks, leafs, hooks and white circles with a blue frame.

In front of the “ship”, raft, there are white and light blue waves. They are surfing on the waves, the man is keeping a look out. It feels African since the mask associates to African masks and the people look black, even if that should not be the purpose.

The doodle is for Thor Heyerdahl, he was an explorer from Norway. He used to sail with a raft to explore the continents. The statue to the left in the doodle is a statue from Easter Islands, that Thor visited. Why the doodle is digging into the ground, I don’t know. Perhaps it is about digging into things, exploring really, finding out facts and to investigate. To reveal something, by digging into it. One could say that exploring is about digging into stuff, just like Thor did.

So why is Google making the doodle all blue? The oceans are considered “blue”, even if they are turquoise and green as well, but we call it quite often “blue as the sea”. Well, since Thor sailed the sea, perhaps this is why the doodle is all in bluish shades. The association to Africa is there, as well as the Easter islands. If you search on “Shades of blue” Wikipedia suggests that blue can differ in chroma, hue and lightness. I was thinking that Google calls their web browser Chrome. Perhaps that is the association to a web browser.

The doodle is dived into three images, the left one has the raft and people, and the frame. The letters Goog are in the first part. However, in the middle of the two o’s there is the shield. So the group is:

Go shield og. Og means and in Danish actually, so for me it sounds like and. Go shield and… explore/dig/reveal e. E stands for a lot of things in today’s society actually, e, like in e-learning, e-mail and so on. E like electronics. So Go shield and explore electronics. Hmm. Isn’t it fun, that a Google doodle turns out that way? Conscience? You think what you want, as always.

The blue could be for the conservative and serious mind. In this case the Easter islands statue, that they used to rise up and create for their ancestor’s, is in profile. So is it about our history? Explore the human history? Digging into human history?

One of the figurines is casting out an fishing net, and in the board there is a big fish, like the fishing net should catch a really big fish. The fish is vertical, just like people hold their trophies when they have caught a big fish on a fishing trip. So should the fishing net catch a trophy? Synonym for fishing net could be the web, World Wide Web. Exploring the World Wide Web.

So what is the doodle saying. Shielded, exploring, the world wide web with Tor? Why not, it seems like this is what the Google doodle is really saying. However Google themselves don’t support the use of Tor, making it difficult to log in to i.e. Gmail with Tor, let’s say impossible for most. The hooks in the boarder also reference to catch/hook onto a big fish, finding something, a trophy.

The layers in the ground get darker the deeper we explore and dig into the ground of the Easter islands statue in the doodle. So are the facts darker, the deeper we dig into them and explore them? No legs are visible in the doodle on the statue. What can that say? You figure that out. And why is the exploration done to the knees? And why is the body under ground? I don’t think the Easter statues have bodies under ground. The population are said to have thought the head was the most important. The heads on Easter Islands face land, to watch over the everyday life in the villages.

The flag has to o’s, that are similar to glasses and in the middle of the glasses is a shield. Is Tor such a shield that shields organization’s to watch your electronic activities online?

I don’t think we should need to have special tools, I think all browsers should be set as default to tell nothing. No companies should be allowed to get any info about you. That should be the normal, not as it is set to “tell all” as today.

Oh, well, this was today’s doodle. Today’s Doodle is all about surveillance and protecting oneself online with Tor. Isn’t it fun, that the Doodle about Thor Heyerdahl has all these attributes? But then again, you can continue thinking it is all just about Thor… and everything else is just … conscience.

Try to also find other references yourself. Perhaps there are many more interpretations? We all have different cultures and you might find all the other hidden clues? Good Luck!

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