Review of the movie Don Jon

I actually saw it in the summer, a while ago. I thought I had already given a review of it, however searching my blog resulted in no hits, so I couldn’t find any review of it. Well. I saw it and it was about a man very much living a stereotype image of a man. He meets a girl, living a very stereotype image of a girl. He thinks she is all that, but since she tries to change him to someone he is not and doesn’t accept him as he is, he finally realises she isn’t all that. He meets someone who shows him another way of being with a women. Sometimes that is all it takes, for someone to show you an alternative path. Weather you chose to walk that path or not, is totally up to you. However, this movie really shows us his transformation from a boy to a man. A maturity process so to speak. It let’s us see who is under this stereotype image of man. Is there even a real man under such a façade?

To many people of today play these stereotype gender roles, and I am not really one that fits in to that category. I have looked at my friends… and I guess I have as many male friends as female friends. I even think I perhaps have maybe 1-2 more of the other. But those are my friends. But on top of this, I have relatives… and I seem to hang out with equally men and female there too. I never thought about it really, but I guess I have both genders as my friends and relatives I hang around with. I have no problems interacting with any of those. However in work places I mostly end up in the stereotype versions of work forces, either very male dominated or female dominated. It is because of what type of areas they are in. However I prefer the work places with both genders and very different origins of the workers. I like when it is very diversified, those work places I think are more dynamic and active and changeable. I cannot really explain in a simple text what makes them better, but everything really. I prefer the mixed work places, however they are not as many as those that categorize into the gender stereotype work places. However I wouldn’t go so far saying that the workers are the gender stereotypes themselves. Well. I guess I have hung around people considered to be like the girl in the film. Women acting like “all that” and expecting princess treatment. I have also hung around men that are more than the average men and would fit in to Don Jon category… hehe. I am thinking perhaps my best friend fits into that category, if we remove the porn. Hmm… I won’t go into why I think my friend is a stereotype image of a man, however different from Don Jon, but still a stereotype of a man. That is, on the outside, however the part I know isn’t, but that the people around doesn’t see or know. I think that Don Jon portrays very much a stereotype “nid-bild” image of what a man is expected to be. I wouldn’t however say that is what we want a man to be. I would like a man to be more than wanting to be a stereotype image of  man.

I like people that dare to be themselves, but at the same time I know it is difficult in this world of ours. We try so hard to please all others around us. Many of us lose ourselves trying to do that. I think that is very sad. I like when people dare to speak up, be themselves. I always try to. I cannot say it is the best of choices to be such a person, since I know from experience people who don’t fit into the expected roles are considered odd… and that in the end makes others behave erratic sometimes, at least in my mind. People that are not as expected can be considered difficult to understand, someone you cannot trust. All that is of course totally crazy, since a person that is their true self is much more trust worthy than all those putting on a facade of charades that really isn’t them. I think they are the real threat in society, boiling pits so to speak.

I dare everyone to throw away the worlds expectations on gender. Be whoever you want to be. So why not be more you? Whoever you want to be?

So a movie about porn watching adults… turns to be a critic against gender really. I give the movie 2 strong stars out of 5. I would have wanted to see more development of the man to give it more stars.


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