Too much

I gave myself to much food. I couldn’t eat the complete dinner. I will have to put it in a box for tomorrow. Today the whole family did some arrends and after that I was so tired. I woke up to early, 6.00, this morning. That made me more tired. I woke up only because my spouse was going out to exercise and the clock rang. I couldn’t sleep after that. I could however sleep during the afternoon.

Then I made food, left over from yesterday, but I had to cook some pasta to it and some more. I have already made a box for tomorrow, but obviously I didn’t get the right amount of food on my plate. In American films they usually get a take-away-box when they do not seem to be able to complete the meal at the restaurant. In Sweden I think we are overall bad at that. We throw away perfectly good food. But I have actually asked to get a box when the portions were really to big. The restaurant has even appreciated it. They do not want to throw away perfectly good food. We do it far to often. It is a lot of biogas not being used to the correct purpose. It is a waste just burning it up and making heated water.

Well. In many schools they make biofuel of the wasted food. They separate food and garbage. I think this is the long-lasting (sustainable/durable/hållbart) smart thing to do.

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