Imagine a new identity

I want you to role play. I want you to image that you were not you. Okay? Are you ready? If you are, please continue reading.

You are now a new born child. Today is your birthday.

You are born in the poorest country in the world.

Your parents are not married.

Your country is at war. Civil war. Different ethnic groups are targeting each other.

Your parents are from different ethnic groups. You are a racially mixed child.

Your parents are very much in love, but their love has brought wraight up on you.

Your surroundings want to kill you.

You are hated just for being born by people around you.

You are on the run with your mother and father.

You are homeless.

Your country is warm during the day and cold during the night.

Your parents only own the clothes on their bodies.

You only have a blankett and a cloth diaper.

It is hard to get food. Your parents eat what they find.

You get sick. There are no doctor’s within miles.

The roads are terrible and there is no asfalt.

Your parents have to walk for many, many kilometers.

On the way to the doctor’s they run out of water. It is hot.

Your mother breast milk runs out for the day, she has drunk to little water.

You are starving.

You parents meet militia from another ethnic group. They beat your father.

They raped your mother. Your mother cries, you are dumped in a ditch.

Night comes. You lay in the ditch. Your parents are looking for you.

They find you.

Their wonds get infected. They keep on trying to get to an doctor.

A UN truck comes by. They help you onboard and take you to a refugee camp.

You get medical aid. You get treatment. Your parents to. You get food. You all recover.

Some foreigners come to the camp. You are given papers. A helicopter comes and gets you and your parents.

You get to travel to a far away country up North.

You are lucky. You end up in a industrialised country that has not been in war for 150 years. You get an 3 room apartment. They give you furniture, clothes and kitchen wear.

You start your new life there, with your parents. You live in a so called million program area. There are a lot of kids from different countries there.

You are placed in a town with 50 000 people. It is a small town.

Your parents get married at the community office, since they belong to different religions.

Your parents let you celebrate both religious traditions, so you may chose your own religion or anti-religion when you grow up. There is freedom of religion in your new country.

Your parents try to get jobs. In your home country your father used to be a technician. Your father is unemployed.

Your parents learn the new language. Your mother goes to school. Your father is still unemployed.

You get to meet other kids at open day care, where you go with your father.

Your mother is successful and continues to study at the university. She studies to be a doctor.

Your father gets a job as a dish washer, after many years of being unemployed. You go full-time to kindergarten now when both your parents work. You make new friends. You play with them everyday at kindergarten.

You grow older. You start school. You look different than the other kids. They bullie you, you act and look different. They don’t get you. The first year is tough. But you don’t give up. You finally make friends in school to.

You are gifted. You learn quickly. Your teacher’s enjoy that you are so skilled. You get to do advanced tasks.

You are moved up one class in head of the other students, since they think you already learned everything you need.

Your parents get another child. You get a sibling.

You get older. Your mother graduates. She is now a medical doctor. She gets her first job. She works at the hospital.

She starts to study a speciality. She graduates and is now specialised in trauma.

Your mother feels she wants to go back to your home world and help out for Doctors without boarders. Your father is worried. He doesn’t want to let her go. She feels she needs to. You, your father and sibling stay behind. Your mother returns to her home country to volonteer.

Your mother helps thousends of people.

You graduate from school and go to high school. You study Nature sciences. You are good at school. You get good grades.

Your mother returns after working away for one year. She saves many lifes in her medical profession.

Your father is now managing the cleaning company he worked for. He has 50 employees to care for. He is very well-liked.

You graduate from high school. You go to the university to study to become an journalist.

When you graduate you want to go to the country you once came from. You take on the risky part of being a journalist in a country with no democracy.

You are now in a country at war.

Imagine. That could have been you. You don’t chose your parents. You don’t chose who comes by, you were just one of the lucky ones. Even if your life was difficult. Your parents wear the scars. A racist doesn’t understand this fact. You never know who is going to make a difference. The country that got the “new you” was lucky to have such a family. A family, that does so much good for man kind. If we have no immigrants, we wouldn’t have all these humanitarians around us. You never know who will make a big difference. Not all are so lucky to get away from war and poverty. Far from many. But this could have been a true story. You never know what people can contribute with.

Imagine if non of you had existed. What imprints would never have been made on the world?