Review of the movie Enemy

Need I say, oh my God? It is a really good movie, see it if you can. It is intriguing, exciting and the acting is played really well. Jake Gyllenhaal is doing such a good job in this movie. The movie is very strange. If you liked “Eyes wide shut”, then you will like this movie too. The movie is a so called Mystery/Thriller genre and I think mystery is more suiting, however the feel of the movie is on the thriller level. The movie is not full of blood or anything like that, but yet you are on the edge throughout the movie.

The movie starts with a scenery and a mother calling her son. The first real scene shown after that is in the genre of “Eyes wide shut”. A hallway that leads to a dark room with naked women and women in white silk robes. Around them are men. There is a spider in the scene.

A man sits and looks, he has a wedding ring. The man is played by Jake.

Then we get to know the lecturer in history, played by Jake. He speaks about patterns and politics in history. Suddenly one day he is recommended to see a film by a colleague. He rents it and sees it while his girlfriend is sleeping. His girlfriend leaves in the middle of the night, this makes me understand she is not his wife. He dreams nightmares during the night about the film. He wakes up and looks at the film. We understand that one actor looks just like him.

He seeks the actor up… and then the real story of the film reveals itself to us, bit by bit, piece by piece. Very intriguing and exciting. I cannot tell you more, because that would spoil it for you. The film plays mind games with you and it is very strange how the people in the movie handle things. Not as I would expect people to handle them. But then I am thinking… perhaps nothing is a conscience in this film? Put your thinking hat on and start watching.

So what is the true meaning of this film? That some secrets are better to be left untold? Or that there is something more that goes on behind the scenes that you and I do not know? Suddenly a freak event reveals the secrets to us. What would you do, if a secret world would reveal itself to you? What if… some people you meet – you are just supposed to meet at that particular time?

Do you have a doppelganger? I think I do. My parents saw it on the streets of Sweden, in a city far away. My kid to. My parents said my kid looked like it was seeing me. However, no way I would have been there. My parents stood and stared at the person, that looked exactly like me, however with a different hair cut and hair color. Strange. Imagine. You having a doppelganger, just like the man in the movie.

The ending is really strange and will leave you questioning the movie… or?

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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