Review of the movie Coherence

It is a sci-fi, but without any high-tech really. Just a house full of people. A black out and a house with lights. That is the story foundation really. A comet is passing Earth on a close distance. There is a black out and suddenly they experience problems in time and space continuum. There are four versions of themselves out there. They start to get mixed up in strange things, since they get this idea. If they go outside and walk they pass a super black area and they end up at their “own” house. However that house is really theirs, but in another dimension with other versions of themselves. Since two of the persons go to the other house, in the other dimension, they interfere with their other selves. They also take a box there and that makes them interfere even more with the other dimensions of themselves. They interfere with the space continuum and they start having a lot of stupid ideas of how to fix the interference they realise they have created… it is a mess. The movie could have been good but it was boring. I couldn’t continue looking, so I started looking at the computer parts of the time. I couldn’t see the movie, that means I usually find the movie to slow and boring. So I guess this is what I found the movie as, slow and boring. The story and the idea of mixed realities is however interesting and how it all turns out. I like the concept, not totally unfamiliar for someone who has been a follower of Star trek really. Well. I don’t like the way they filmed it, documentary mode so to speak. I think the acting wasn’t the best either. I think the movie could have been better. It could have been made less boring. So my grade is just 1 star out of 5 and that is for the concept.

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