Review of the movie Her

I don’t know how to make review of this movie really.  It is a romantic drama. It is about a man who falls for a AI operating systems. He falls in love with it. However the women is a computer. She has a women’s voice configured. She develops through out the movie. She is his computer’s operating system. She organises his mails and such, however she does things without him even saying that she should. She has a mind of her own. She really does what any human would do. She has relationships with other people. She makes friends and does what ever when he is at work. She has no body. She is just a voice in the phone and computer. However she is totally free to upgrade herself and so on, after all she is an artificial intelligence so to speak.

Their relationship evolves and she says she loves him and he loves her, even though she is a computer. It is very strange that the people in the movie are so open-minded to the fact that he has a computer as a girlfriend, but he has. However she starts to explore sexuality and such things with him. It is very strange, that a computer is made to feel in this movie. They are having a mental connection, just as if you were having one online with someone you only know online or by phone, or both. Really no different. The difference is that he is having a relationship with a computer. She composes music. Reprograms her OS with the other OS’s in the movie. He is a letter-writer. She sends his letters to a publisher, without him knowing it. She gets his letters published. Well, she does what any human would do, takes own initiatives and lives her life, even though she is computer. She doesn’t ask for permission.

So what is the movie really about? If a AI can be made in the image of a human personality? How would it evolve? Since she doesn’t have a physical body she evolves differently than a human. I think this movie investigates how a AI could evolve and how we humans fit into that. What would our connection be? This movie is very open-minded to people interacting with computers, as if the computers were humans without bodies. As if they were thinking, feeling individuals. It is somewhat a mental being, not a physical being so to speak. As if the mind was a being of its own.

Really, this movies AI is no different than all people having relationships online in chat forums, games, social media and so on. People start to feel for these relationships to, even though they have never been with the physical entity of the human. It could as well be a AI on the other end really, but I want to believe there is a difference, even thought the relationships are over the Internet. Somehow this portrays the way people live today – online – without real life meetings… but then again real life beats anything else really. Don’t you think so?

Well. The movie is mostly about them having conversations. It is about their interaction with each other. It is not an action. It is a calm film. The lead role is played by Joaquin Phoenix. The computer voice is played by Scarlett Johansson. Her voice really fits a sexy AI voice. Joaquin comes off as very gentle man in this movie. I think that is in contrast to what he has done in films like Gladiator and so. He does it in a convincing way.

Would a AI be able to feel, or is it all logic? Well… in this movie they want to say that the AI can feel. Weather or not that is true in reality is another question. In the end there is a message to us all, that IRL is better.

I give this film 3 week stars out of 5. I almost gave it 2 strong stars, but then again I think the relationship is very interesting and I like how it evolves and makes the machine somewhat human.

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