The guilt

We had a party. I feel guilty for being part of the technology world for so long. I created things that seemed innocent for so many years. But yesterday, at the party, one of the participants confessed they use one of the systems I was part in developing to track people and to kill them. I feel so sorry for being part of something created for something else… being used to kill people. If you worked for such a company that are a part of the big picture… are you equally as guilty? Am I equally as bad as the military that kill the person tracked? Am I? I feel quilt. I feel sad. I was part in developing systems for good, that today are being used to kill people. This is why I feel so bad working in IT. I know that no matter what I take part of, it can be used for something else.

I have been part of systems that are made for good causes, but all those systems can be used in the opposite direction. This is the problem with inventions. They all have a dark side. They can be used to murder, kill, track, document, map and so on. I know this. In the beginning I didn’t think of these things, I was to young and blue-eyed and didn’t understand. Or perhaps I did, but I didn’t listen to my knowledge. If I think about it I was already told this in a young age, but it took a while to mature. Now it is to late. The systems I was part of have gotten their own life… and are part of the surveillance system that I am against. They are out there. I am sorry.

I feel guilt. I work against it now. I want to change the technology. I do not like it. I want us to have our privacy and integrity back. I think the cost of having surveillance is to high and we need our free will. We need our lives to be private. Masses shouldn’t be surveillanced. It is wrong. No God stands behind this. No God. No creation. Nothing.

The systems are built wrong, they are by design faulty. They should all be redesigned. The cost of course of anonymity will be that people with use it to do bad, but there will be less bad and more good if the system is redesigned. There are other ways to track people that are actually guilty. Democracy is at threat with the systems that are out in the world. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist with the current system. Freedom of the written world is just on paper. Nothing is real as long as the current systems are as is.

Mass surveillance must be prevented. The systems need to be redesigned and actually forbidden at its current form. Internet is dangerous. Technologies of today only are created to control people. All things invented are just created to control. In control comes power. I am against that. Nobody should control someone else. Nobody should have sole power over others. The system is wrong. Everybody should matter, everyone should count. Freedom of speech, freedom of the written world must be defended.

Every day people are being violated. Every day. The system is wrong. I need anonymity. Everyone does. Right to their own mind in privacy. Right to their own integrity. Everybody, even a terrorist, as long as they haven’t done anything wrong. There are other ways to surveillance.

I am sorry for being part of creating systems that today violate our privacy. I am sorry.

I am not the only one that has created these systems, I was just one piece of the pussel. Even my father was part of it. His system was the one before the Internet. He was like me, just one piece in the pussle.  Used. I do not know if my father has thought about his guilt. He was just doing his job, just like me. Not realising it could be used for the wrong purposes.

Both me and my father have been part of creating these systems. We are just one small piece making all the surveillance of today possible. We didn’t invent them. We just … used for a good cause…. turned out to be used for a bad… I could as well have invented weapons… I am no better than the atom bomb. This is why I have started to rebel. I realised my part of it all. I am sorry I didn’t understand it sooner. If I had, I would never have done the job… and some other poor soul would have instead…

Say no. Speak up. Change. Tomorrow might be to late.