Google doodle analysis – Anders, founder of specto scopi

I’m serious – don’t take things to seriously. But here I am going to make a very simple interpretation. The man in the Google doodle is said to celebrate Anders Ångström, that was born 200 years ago. He was a Swedish professor, even the principal for a period, at Uppsala University. He was involved in Specto scopi and the unit Ångström (1 Å = 10-10) is named after him. So is a moon crater and asteroid. This is the official background of the image. But let’s just read the image as is, without the knowledge of that is resembles Anders Ångström.

The man in blue jacket (looks like a smoking jacket) and bow tie comes up with a bright idea (light bulb’s today represent bright ideas and inventions). He turns on the spotlight through the cloud and projects the prism. Through the prism a variety of rainbow colours are projected, creating a rainbow spectrum of colours, between 4000 Å and 7000 Å. The cloud has the Google letters written inside this Google doodle the 13th of August 2014.

The G got nine geometric shaped pentagon symbols. The o is ten red circles. The other o is eight yellow triangles. The g is 13 blue geometric shaped pentagons. Seven green circles make the l. The e is 10 red triangles.

The e with the red triangles could be “one red triangle” (in numerology 10 turns into 1), that is actually a location in the sea outside San Francisco, the search on a search engine reveals. The red triangle badge turned upwards, as in the doodle, was worn by Nazi’s prisoners of war, as well as spies and military deserters. According to Wikipedia the first to wear it was Communists. If it had been upside down it would have other meanings, according to Wikipedia (unreliable source, you need to check the facts in books also to be sure of the meanings).

The blue geometric shaped pentagon in the G is common in games. It is a hack checker according to In Pokemon it is a hack-check icon, according to According to it is a RSS-icon, pretty common feeds for social media platforms, i.e. blogs.

The blue shaped geometric pentagon can be found on icons for different things for graphics. A pentagon has five corners, just as the balanced number between 1-9 number series. Another name, can be five-sided-polygon. The pentagon can be simple and self-intersecting, whatever that means. A pentagram is a self-intersecting pentagon. Witchcraft uses pentagrams. A five-cornered-star is a pentagram, according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia claims it has been used for representation for the Christian five senses, or the five wounds of Christ. In occult witchcraft the pentagram star is turned upside down, according to Wikipedia, but in this case it is not, therefore that is not something we interpret into this doodle.

A reversed pentagram is a symbol of evil and a flaming star is a symbol of the goat of Black magic, according to the Wikipedia page. But in this case the pentagon is upwards, so it may contain a pentagram that is not reversed, therefore not the symbol of evil. Upwards pointing at heaven it means seat of wisdom. Wikipedia says that it is used in Chinese traditions in medicine, acupuncture, Feng Shui and Taoism. The five elements are also represented, that is Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
In Japanese culture the pentagram is a symbol for magical powers. There are more movements like Wicca, Latter Day Saints and so on that also use the symbols. Check ‘em out in books or online.

The yellow upwards pointing triangle is a symbol in the o. VISA-cards for payment have a yellow symbol pointing east north on the V, as in Victory. Just a curious remark.

Some mobile phone vendors use the yellow triangle as a symbol for too little memory left. Yellow warning signs in traffic usually have a red frame, but the yellow triangular shape can remind us of a warning even without the frame I think. When the Internet connection is lost we can get i.e. a yellow warning triangle. For other meanings, please look ‘em up yourself.

There are seven green circles in the l and that give search results on the New York City Subway system on a search engine. The line goes from Main street to Times Square.

Let us look at all this as an allegory for something else. This is just fiction, and you cannot take it as the truth. This is just me associating the findings in the Google doodle, as an artistic challenge.

PRISM could be the surveillance system that was exposed by a former NSA contractor employee. PRISM is said to spy on communications online.

The blue smoking has associations to the name of an electronic cigarette brand, named blu ecigs. Those are a brand of electronic cigarettes, which I happen to think make life easier for non-smokers. However I am no scientist and that needs to be further investigated of course. I read an article about one (not this brand in specific) that exploded when it was connected to an iPad charger, according to Metro.

According to smoke has various colours of light on different wave length. They say the blue colours has the shortest wave length. The wave length and blue make me associate to blue tooth technology. A lot of stuff has blue tooth today. I do not like blue tooth technology at all. It is unnecessary piece of electronics if you ask me, but that is a totally other topic. It is unsafe, as any other wireless shit, according to me.

In the doodle we have 4000Å and 7000Å and those are the parameters for what light the human eye can see. 4000Å sounds like Fyrisån in Swedish. A place in Uppsala actually and the Google doodle person was portraying a man from Uppsala. Fyra is four in Swedish. Fyraå, sounds a lot like Fyrisån. Probably just a freak conscience, but I just realised that when I read the image content. Fyrisån is a much, much, older name, according to a reliable source. It can also be the namegiver of 4000Å that was inspired by Fyrisån. Unintentionally even.

So what could we get out from all this? I will associate the findings with my knowledge. Since the letters are all in a cloud in this Google doodle it could mean that today many people use clouds to store stuff. Also the narrowing of search results by i.e Google, that uses an algoritm makes it almost as if we were in a cloud when we surf. A cloud that clouds our world view so to speak. So if we take the Internet aspect and IT aspect of things, then Google doodle associates to a warning about all electronics really. Then we have the reference to the prisoners of a so called Internet war association. The new type of war is done in electronics, in this case a Cyberwar with Cybercriminals/I even consider some countries as criminals as well when regular Anne’s and Joe’s come in the middle of things. If we look at the warning triangles for Internet connections lost and such it is a common form of attack – denial of service. Unfortunately this is something even I have experienced with Internet. DOS-attacks towards me. Denial of service lower’s the defences and the system has to reboot. When a system has to reboot the services once more it flashes out its information and is target to being hacked or cracked. It was also a symbol for memory and all memory on internet is done by 01010101010. Ones and zero’s really. The memories are stored for i.e. Google and Facebook way up North in Sweden, since it is cold by nature up there. That means less energy needs to be placed on the cooling system to keep the systems cool. The yellow VISA pointed up North East, to the location of where they are stored, that is why I associate these things to each other, as well as this is a Google doodle. So what does this Google doodle associate to if we add the smoking to it? Does they say that Google is smoked? What is smoked – the memories? Has someone pressed delete? Or will someone press delete?

However this Google doodle is just the resembling the inventor of Ångström, nothing else I guess. However doing detective work can give fun associations, or scary to.

Isn’t it strange that the Google doodle can have these associations? I just followed the leads, like an image interpretation and nothing less. Let people be anonymous online, preserve their privacy. People should not spy on others, unless they are criminals and it has been decided in court.

Have a nice day everyone.