Ukraine vs. Russia – in history and today

According to’s newspaper Hugin&Munin the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is due to their history. If we follow the history path, then Russians think that Ukraine has once more sold themselves to Nazi’s and homo’s.
There is a cultural border between going west and east within the politics in Ukraine, due to the relationships between the Russians and Ukraine in history.
The Ukraine independent movement was hung out as nazi collaborators in 1945-1946. They published propaganda images that made it look like they were in the hands of American capital.

In one image in the Hugin&Munin they show a propaganda image. For those that do not know what Hugin & Munin stands for it is mother Svea’s two crow pets(SVT Forum 1/10/2014). Mother Svea is a “personalised” symbol for Sweden, according to Wikipedia. Surf into the link below, it is found on page 9. The Ukraine is sitting in the lap of a big man in the image in the paper. The American is in a suite with striped pants and has a bow tie and a high hat. On the hat it says US. He is smoking cigar and he doesn’t look that attractive, but more of a slob. The American doesn’t have Uncle Sam’s glory and bright colors as in the American propaganda (look further down in this article).
The Ukraine is holding a machine gun pointing at the jew, like it is that the Ukraine odd to do to jews on a low-level. The Ukraine is holding a old fashioned microphone in front of the American, as if the Ukraine doesn’t have a voice of his own.
On the lap we have a Ukraine in folk clothes, according to Hugin&Munin, not all that appealing either. The shirt has swastika’s and the hands are covered in blood. On the right side on the lap sits a jew portrayed as the caricature image of a jew. They are really made to not appeal to the viewer. Even the jew has bloody hands and money and parchment rolls, and a holster for a gun. The American is sitting on an atom bomb, according to Hugin&Munin. I just see it looks like a cannon ball. Negative images feed stereotypes to people, not just in propaganda. Everyone in fashion does the same, they feed stereotypes that i.e. women should look a certain way, i.e. be skinny, tall and have big boobs. Stereotypes are not a picture of the real world. A stereotype is an opinion.
The American has a fat belly and the legs wide open, like he has no class. His smile is crooked, like someone that is false. The American also blinks with the left eye, as if he just thinks it is all just a game. He has not shaved, nor has he a real beard either, so he comes off as a slob, someone that really doesn’t care. The west on the American seems like it is to small and doesn’t fit. So the American is no handsome guy we could say, a sloppy slob really.
The Jew has a Star of David on his hat, so we do not mistake him for anything else than the jew he is. The jew is the one that holds on to all the money. He looks like a vessel and has a big nose and long black hair, that doesn’t look neatly taken care of. The Ukraine has broken clothes and is portrayed as poor compared to the American and the jew that do not have broken clothes.
All the colors are in grey, black, white, yellow and light blue and then the blood color. The feet and the ground is also blood stained. The image doesn’t have appealing coloring, so it enhances the feel that this isn’t something to strive for.
Propaganda images were made this way. Even today we have propaganda images. Just look at images of Putin, and you understand how he wants to portray himself. He isn’t shy and has shown off that he works out by taking images half nude on the top. That is also a form of propaganda.
But images like this were common after the second world war. This affects the people’s mindset. Through out times, Hugin&Munin writes, they have asked “To who?” and “How much?” That is who to sell to and how much should it cost. The answer was to foreign powers that want to do bad to Sovjet(now Russia) – i.e. Nazi Germany, Austria, Poland, Vatican, the allies and so on.
Remind that on top of all this Russian propaganda we have the Ukrainian people. They are a country with a unique history, their own wishes and needs.
The Russians, according to Hugin&Munin, often have short hair, well cut costumes and sweeping hand movements when they go on TV with the messages from the regime. Dmitrij Kiseljov portray’s that homo’s hearts shouldn’t be used in organ transplants, but burned. For me that shows that he thinks that homosexuality is in the genes and perhaps could be transferred. If he didn’t think that then there would be no need to burn the hearts. For me that seems logical. So even worse, if he thinks it is in the genes. Imagine having to be someone you are not, because your society is so narrow minded? I know many Russians are Christians and I do not see that Jesus would have told someone they couldn’t love each other, no matter what gender they were. Jesus is all about love.

This is a text from the Bible, (1 Kor 16)(1 Cor 16):

“23Nåd från vår herre Jesus åt er alla. 24Min kärlek är med er alla i Kristus Jesus.”

That means: Mercy from our lord Jesus to everyone. My love is with everyone in Jesus Christ.

The interpretors of the Bible that say otherwise have interpreted it wrongly. It is not supposed to be read letter by letter. It is far more complex than that. In a speech the 18th of March, Hugin&Munin, writes, that Vladimir Putin said:
“I människors hjärtan och medvetande har Krim alltid varit en oavytterlig del av Ryssland”
It means that Krim has always been a needed part of Russia. Russian propaganda has portrayed the Ukraine parliament as illegal and with the support of new nazis and ultra nationalists. Those are things that have a negative meaning.
So this conflict is pretty deep and Ukraine needs to understand that they have the right to their own laws, their own freedom. They do not need to follow in either American’s, Europe’s or Russian’s footsteps. They can create their own state with their own laws, as the Ukraine feel fit. That is the glory of being a state. Let the people decide. Ukraine should become the first Absolute Democracy, were everyone’s vote matters. That way it would be a majority decision that everyone would stand behind. In an absolute democracy the majority decision rules. Everyone cannot have their way. Russia cannot then say that Ukraine is in the hands of anyone else but the Ukraine. The Ukraine are a people with a long history, I think they are capable of chosing the right things for their future as well.

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