A lasting world in a financial eco-system

In todays SVD.se the scientist Thomas Nyström and the research manager Mats Williander have written a article about letting companies go into a circular economy, taking responsibility for their product. They want the future economies to be lasting and mention countries that have started to go towards that. They are suggesting that we rent the products. Today the industry is so focused on releasing a product on the market and when the product is out they are so focused on making your i.e. phone model old. They change the looks, the speed and so on. Things like this are mentioned in the article.

However I think that we shouldn’t rent stuff and there I happen to not agree with their point of view, I can however understand why they are saying that. But I think we need to be equal also, and renting isn’t, it always benefits the rich that can afford it. The poor cannot be in a rental system. I know what costs does to the poor. It should be possible to be living green as a poor.

I think that the phone should be lasting and the components easily recyclable. The phones should be build in robust models, created to be long lasting(hållbart). Components that break should be easily recyclable and mended and fixed. All parts should be snap on and easy to change. When a new phone model comes it shouldn’t mean you have to change all the phone. If you get tired of the looks of the phone, you should be able to buy a new cover, place the old cover in recycling 100% recyclable materials. Then if you want faster, better, so on then you should have to recycle the component needed for that, just like a non oil based “LEGO”-system.

Then you should just change the component needed for what you need. Instead of selling phones, companies should sell the small components that make a phone. Everything should be recyclable. Laws and legislation would make companies comply to this idea. We have to do it due to the environment.
However I still think we should own or phone. But we should have a demand to give our components to recycling before being allowed to buy the new component. The vendor should be responsible for the waste. For lost products there must also be a system, i.e. a fine. If it is a theft, that should be possible to get insured for those that want.
I am against renting, since that means a cost every month. I do not like having a lot of costs, that is in the end a lot of cost mostly for the poor that cannot afford.
I want the companies to be responsible for all the waste they create. Taxes should be paid for the companies based on the amount of strain on the environment. It should cost more for companies that use non lasting resources in production. It should be more expensive to create a non recyclable product, “one-time-only”-stuff and so on. All so that people chose the better choise. The companies should have to pay for producing. Everything you put in the product you should have to pay taxes for. That tax would go into the recycling system. The more waste that the company would recycle the better taxes. The more the companies take responsibility for what they have created, the better costs towards the state.
That would give incentive to get back their products. Also products could have a “pant”, like bottles have (recycling money that you get back when you recycle the item).
So yes the system should be recyclable, the economy would be circular, but the companies would have all the responsiblity. But we would still own our stuff, however get more responsibility to really cherish our stuff, knowing that we need to leave it for recycling before we can upgrade the component in the phone etcetera.
This is a very simple explanation, but we could see it as when a plant grows, when it dies it is left back to the environment to become soil and then grow into a new product. Everything we use should be used that way. That is the long lasting way. In a long lasting world there cannot be oil, gas and fracking in energy sources, just saying. Minerals should no longer be mined. It would be so expensive to use non renewable energy sources so it wouldn’t be an alternative in a system that benefits long lasting energy sources.

In the future system all vendors are responsible for all they have created in the past as well. Just saying. Legislate. Change. Do it to preserve our life here on Earth. To live in an environment that is good for all its inhabitants.

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